The decline of fish catch may not save rare species

From the start of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19 commercial fisheries on the planet are significantly reduced, but scientists are not sure that it will contribute to restoring endangered species of fish and animals. In particular, this applies to Northern China.

Снижение объемов вылова рыбы может не спасти редкие виды

The total period of time when the fishermen are at work decreased by 10%, and in China, for example, the fishery was suspended. Now, the state gradually beginning again to catch fish, but among scientists there is no doubt that it will have a positive impact on the survival of rare species. Production in smaller sizes may cease to threaten the reserves of the Mediterranean sea, which is home to the Atlantic tuna, but the staff of Global Fishing Watch was asked to guard against Express joy from the respite generate important products.

Снижение объемов вылова рыбы может не спасти редкие виды

Fishing stopped in connection with the promotion of fear of coronavirus infection on ships. Studies have shown that two-thirds of the costs of seafood in the United States accounts for catering establishments, but some of them are still closed because of the pandemic. The decline is not talking about the rapid recovery of fish populations, but in some parts of the world expressing hope that the smaller fisheries can have a positive impact on certain fragile ecosystems. For example, in Madagascar a huge catch life threatening reefs. In addition, working in this area entrepreneurs are experiencing difficulties in Finance because of the reluctance café to buy fish in considerable quantities, which also leads to a reduction in prices and, accordingly, the further decline of the economy, reports PlanetToday.

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