The decline in passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport in August slowed down slightly

The decline in passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport in August slowed down slightly

The decline in passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport in August slowed down slightly

Passenger traffic at Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRG) continued to decline in August 2020 due to restrictions on flights and a related drop in demand amid the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic.

According to a press release from the operator Fraport AG, 1,511,256 people used the airport services last month, which is 78.2% less than in August 2019. However, for the first time since March, the drop in monthly passenger traffic was below 80%.

Compared to July, when passenger traffic at Frankfurt airport fell by 80.9% on an annualized basis, last month there was a slight recovery in demand for air travel, mainly due to the vacation period, the report said.

Nevertheless, the quarantine measures imposed by the German government for those entering from countries with an increased risk of COVID-19 had a moderating effect in the first week of September, as a result of which passenger traffic decreased by 80.7%.

The number of takeoffs and landings of aircraft at Frankfurt Airport in August decreased by 61.9%, to 17.695 thousand. At the same time, the volume of freight traffic and postage decreased only by 7%, to 160.937 thousand tons.

In January-August, 15 million 7.509 thousand people used the services of the airport, which is 68.4% less than in the same period last year.

Fraport has also released traffic figures for other airports it operates.

In particular, the airport named after Jože Puchnik (Ljubljana, Slovenia) last month served 28,024 thousand passengers (a decrease of 86.7% compared to the same month a year earlier), and two airports in Brazil – in the cities of Fortaleza and Porto Alegre – 300,240 thousand passengers (decrease by 77.1%).

At the Jorge Chavez International Airport (Lima, Peru), passenger traffic fell by 95.4%, to 101.866 thousand people.

Greece, where Fraport operates 14 airports, saw a 55.5% drop in traffic to 2.44 million passengers.

The total passenger traffic of airports in Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria) decreased by 77.1% and amounted to 287.769 thousand people.

Antalya Airport (Turkey) served about 1.75 million passengers, which is 68.8% less than in August 2019.

The passenger traffic of St. Petersburg Pulkovo decreased by 31.4% to 1.52 million people.

Xi'an International Airport (Xianyang) in China handled 3.58 million passengers in August, down 18.7% from a year earlier.

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