The death of the owner of the code of the October War… The story of a newbie who kept the “secret” for 40 years

September 21, 2021 by archyde

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Tuesday 21 September 2021

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When Anwar al-Sadat saw his body tremble, and he was the one who offered his army commanders before that to use the Nubian language to communicate between his units at a time when he was preparing for war with the Israeli enemy, so that the president admired his idea and told him that it was excellent, while he insisted on keeping it a secret, the son of the Nuba kept it for 40 full years, Before being mentioned in the record of war and victory tournaments in October, he is proudly repeated from time to time, even if his hero dies today.

Death does not separate, it kidnaps everyone, and everyone has its role, and here he chooses Ahmed Idris, at the age of 84, to turn the page of the body and soul of this sheikh on September 21, 2021, and re-state the heroism of his youth.

During his service in the army in the early seventies, the idea of ​​encrypting wireless communications between units and the General Command occupied the mind of the army, at a time when the Israelis succeeded in eavesdropping and deciphering them in many cases. Each military unit’s transmitter and receiver, while soldiers exchange Nubian secret words.

In the Abu Sweir Center in Ismailia, Idris’s service headquarters at that time, not a day passed without informing the people about a spy, so he was frightened when his leaders suddenly summoned him one day. A number of officers were taken to a place that was not disclosed to him, in an atmosphere surrounded by complete silence, while he was only frightened by the fact that he was accused of espionage, before he found himself in the Heliopolis neighborhood, and Sadat was waiting for him! The president entered him, carrying his stick and a pipe, to surprise him: “Your idea is excellent, but we will implement it how?” Idris said to him: “Soldiers must speak Nubian, and countries are available in the Border Guard Corps.” Sadat shook his head and spoke to him in a decisive tone: “Using the Nubian language is a secret.” If your judge comes out,” and asks him not to divulge the secret away from the army commander, chief of staff, commander of the brigade, he even warned him not to tell his wife, brothers and colleagues, before rewarding him with 100 pounds.

The Nubians were trained on the new plan, and the army used it from 1971 until the 1973 war, and it was credited with achieving victory over the enemy in October. The “second hour”, and the use of this language as a code remained in secret data between commanders and brigades until 1994.

In 1937, Idris was born in the village of Thomas and Afia, Aswan Governorate. In 1954, he enlisted in the army in the border guards. He attended the Triple Aggression War. He remained in the Sinai desert from 1957 until the Yemen war. Then he entered the 1967 war. Then he was credited with the idea of ​​using the Nubian language as a code in the victory of the October War, and no one knew the code plan of the October War until a few years ago, he considered it a military secret, and kept it for 40 years, before he disclosed it, and cast his heroism An Egyptian appreciation that will not be covered by death, which is absent today.

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