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The deadly Bucephalus: what the Ukrainian-made armored personnel carrier can do

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

Deadly "Bucefal" : what Ukrainian-made armored personnel carriers can do

Ukrainian armored personnel carrier “Bucephal”, which is not afraid of large-caliber machine guns and water obstacles, was developed by the Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering. “Bucephal” is equipped with a cannon, a machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher. An anti-tank missile system can also be installed on an armored personnel carrier. And to make it convenient for the soldiers to work, the cabin has an air conditioner or a stove. Read more about this technique in the Military Television material.

BTR-4 “Bucephal” – it is a Ukrainian all-wheel drive eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier developed by the Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering. It is armed with a powerful 30 mm cannon and a twin 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. The combat module is also equipped with an AG-17, capable of firing 30-mm grenades. If necessary, an anti-tank missile complex can be placed on it.

Bucephal's armor can withstand hits from large-caliber machine guns. The armored personnel carrier can overcome water obstacles and has high cross-country ability. These are the main characteristics of the armored personnel carrier manufactured in Ukraine, which, in particular, is used by the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade of Mariupol.

Junior lieutenant Serhiy Lipko visited the tests of the BTR-4, which was manufactured in 2023, already during full-scale war. In addition, the “Army TV” film crew managed to film the “Bucephalus” while it was overcoming a water obstacle.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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