The day of this Saturday was carried out on 181 km.

The Vuelta a España left the general classification almost sentenced, after stage 20 this Saturday between Moralzarzal and Puerto de Navacerrada, 181 km long, which was won by Richard Carapaz, in which Remco Evenepoe is the virtual champion and Miguel Ángel López secured fourth place.

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1. Richard Carapaz 4hrs 41mins 34s
2. Thymen Arensman at 8 s
3. Juan Ayuso at 13 s
4. Jau Hindley m.t.
5. Enric Mas m.t.
6. Remcol Evenepoel at 15 s
7. Louis Menitjes m.t.
8. Miguel López m.t.
9. Joao Almeida m.t.
10. Sergio Higuita at 32 s
15. Rigoberto Urán at 1 min 16 s
1. Remco Evenepoel 78h 00min 12s
2. Enric Mas at 2 min 05 sec
3. Juan Ayuso at 5 min 08 sec
4. Miguel López at 5 min 56 s
5. Joao Almeida at 7 min 16 sec
6. Thymen Arensman at 7 min 56 sec
7. Carlos Rodríguez at 7 min 57 sec
8. Ben O'connor at 10 min 30 sec
9. Rigoberto Urán at 11 min 04 sec
10. Jai Hindley at 12 min 01 s

(Miguel 'Supermán' López put up a fight and is fourth in the Vuelta a España)
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