The day embroidered 2020: Google has dedicated a Doodle to Ukraine

The author of the Doodle for Google was Ukrainian artist Tatiana Asenova, which used 250 types of embroidery stitches

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Search engine Google has published a themed Doodle in honor of the national holiday of the Ukrainian vyshyvanka Day, which this year fell on 21 may. Above is a beautiful illustration of the working Ukrainian artist Tatiana Asenova, which last year became the winner of the European competition iJungle Illustration Awards – her work won a prize in the nomination “Commercial image”.

As Google points out in its press release, the formation of the figure on the shirt has been used more than 250 types of embroidery stitches. They are divided into three categories: geometric and zoomorphic figures, and floral ornaments. All of them can be found in detailed study of drawing.

День вышиванки 2020: Google посвятил дудл Украине

Themed Google Doodle Day embroidered

“Most of the time when working on this project, I began researching national embroidery and numerous patterns. Most of the elements of a festive Doodle I created, inspired by the diversity of the traditional elements of embroidery from different parts of Ukraine”, – says Acunova.

See also the story about how was born the Day embroidered:

Vyshyvanka day in Ukraine is celebrated annually every third Thursday in may. It is dedicated to the preservation and revival of Ukrainian folk traditions. This day symbolizes the history, culture, patriotism, and embroidery is a part of the national costume.

Earlier, Google launched a mysterious Doodle, Today.Lifestyle understand what it means. Google also recently celebrated 21 years since the establishment of the holiday retroduo.

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