The dark side of Jeff Bezos' car brand

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Rivian is in the spotlight, having raised over ten billion dollars since its launch in 2009.

The dark side of the car-brand of Jeff Bezos

While his main competitor Tesla achieves a rather encouraging turnover, Rivian has just seen disturbing documents published for regulators across the Atlantic. The builder, in whichAmazon has investedto the tune of seven hundred million dollars in 2019, allegedly violated key security measures, according to employees who filed complaints. We learn, among other things, that workers have been seriously injured in the factories. Defective electronic components were also used in the production circuit.

This is not the first time that problems have arisen at the American manufacturer. When it was listed on the stock market(IPO) last year, the firm had also experienced setbacks. Its NASDAQ stock, which was worth around $130 in November 2021, is now only trading for $29.81 as of this writing.

Management of the questioned founder?

At Rivian, it is Robert Joseph Scaringe who leads the helm. The protégé of Jeff Bezoswould adopt measures that are not unlike those of the space traveler. Thus, if at the beginning everything was fine, concerns related to the well-being of employees were quickly relegated to the background. The question of profit, however, remains in the priorities of the management, which must satisfy its most demanding shareholders. Among these, we also find Ford, T. Rowe Price and the Climate Pledge Fund.

However, the situation in Rivian's premises seems to be becoming critical. Workers claim to have almost been overturned by vehicles, even though the equipment supposed to avoid this kind of accident is not calibrated correctly. A shame for a company that markets vehicles that want to be resolutely safe, obtaining excellent scores in crash tests. But the Euro NCAP standard, which governs similar measures, has just updated its requirements and could soon change the situation with much stricter conditions than before.

Not yet available in France

Specializing in pickups and electric SUVs, Rivian does not yet offer products for sale in Europe. In the United States, however, several of his automobiles are already convincing the general public. Among these, we can mention the R1S, available for pre-order and which will be delivered from the end of 2023.

The concept is so popular that it has already seduced even the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, who was able to borrow it for a race a few weeks earlier