The Czech women's volleyball players were not enough for the Netherlands in the second match of the qualification for the Olympic Games

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Czech women's volleyball players were not enough to qualify for the Olympics in the second round

Volleyball – illustration photo.

Ning-po (China) – The Czech volleyball players were not enough for the Netherlands in the second match of the Olympic qualification. The bronze medalists from the European Championship lost 0:3 after sets of 13:25, 18:25 and 21:25. The Czech team, which took the Dominican Republic by surprise at the start of the qualification on Saturday, this time did not prevail against the quality Dutch defense.

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The most productive Czech player was sweeper Michaela Mlejnková with twelve points. In the Group A match in Ningpo, China, the Dutch women troubled their opponents with high blocks. “The Dutch were very aggressive today and played much better than us. They are tall and were very effective above the net,” Czech team coach Jannis Athanasopulos said in a press release.

“It is certain that we can do some things better. Our tactics focused on block defense, but there were moments when we couldn't compete with the opponents because we felt a lot of pressure from the Dutch side. Even our passing and serving could have been better,” added the Greek coach.

The Dutch dominated from the start. With the contribution of two aces, they led 5:0 at the beginning of the match and then increased the difference in the first set. He finally stopped at twelve points. In the next course, the Czech players improved, but it was not enough for success.

“Today we weren't quite able to assert ourselves, but we also had great moments. In the last two sets, we kept up with them and then he always broke at 18:18, when they got away from us every time, we got stuck in one rotation and we couldn't catch up with them,” said blocker Ela Koulisiani.

On Monday, the Czech national team has a free day before the match with the home team. “First, we will analyze the matches we have already played on the video, we will also discuss the match of the Chinese team. Tomorrow we will train in the gym and try to prepare as best as possible for the big match,” said the coach. Koulisiani hopes that there will be free moments as well. “We would like to walk around a bit, look around, because after all, one is in China once in a lifetime,” she added.

After two matches, the Czech Republic has two points in the eight-member group and is in an incomplete table in fifth place. Only the two best teams will advance to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Netherlands – Czech Republic 3:0 (13,18, 21)

Referee: Kang Ju-hee (Korea), Dobrev (Bulgaria). Time: 79 min. Spectators: 4250.

Composition and points Czech Republic: Valková 1, Havelková 4, Pavlová 2, Orvošová 8, Mlejnková 12, Koulisiani 7, libero Digrinová – Kneiflová 2, Brancuská, Hodanová 1, Pelikánová. Coach: Athanasopulos.

Most points of the Netherlands: Daalderopová 18, Plaková 11, Lohuisová and Jasperová 9 each.

07:00 Dominican Republic – Canada,< /p>

10:00 Serbia – Ukraine,

13:30 China – Mexico.


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1. Netherlands< /td>

2 1 1 5:3 185:158 4
2. China 1 1 0< /td>

3:0 75:60 3
Serbia< /td>

1 1 0 3:0 75:58 3
4. Canada 1 1 0< /td>

3:2 106:110 2
5. Czech Republic 2 1 1 3:5 162 :180 2
6. Dominican Republic 1 0 1 2:3 105:110 1
7. Mexico 1 0 1 0:3 0
Ukraine 1 0 1 0:3 60:75 0