The cyclist returned to the country to have surgery on his right knee. 

Egan Bernal is in Colombia. Last Thursday he underwent surgery on his right knee to remove a material that was left after the spectacular accident he suffered on January 24.

The surgical procedure went well and the cyclist was able to have the long-awaited reunion with his mother, Flor Marina Gómez, who is fighting breast cancer.

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Bernal had traveled to Europe a few days ago to continue with his process of recovery, after the accident on January 24, when Gómez announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that she was going to undergo treatment.

The reunion

One more Friday, one less chemo and we entered the final stretch, and how would my son say, we have piloted it well, obviously there are very difficult moments. The drug fulfills its function by destroying bad and good cells“, wrote the Egan Bernal's mother on her social networks.

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And he added: “The desire to live, the self-love, the love of the family, the support of friends, each little thing contributes in this hard process… today I received the most tender hug, sincere and full of love. Right at the moment most crucially bringing the strength and recharge I needed to be able to get this over with and to be able to say WE DID IT…”.

Gómez accompanied the message with a photograph hugging his son, the 2019 Tour de France champion, who was recently operated on by the doctor Manuel Ignacio Gutiérrez. The professional stated that the operation was a complete success.

He had surgery on Thursday and everything went well. We did an arthroscopy and removed a material that had remained”, Gutiérrez told EL TIEMPO.
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