The cyclist responded to the 'attacks' he has received in recent times.

The cyclist responded to the 'attacks' he has received in recent times.

The cyclist Egan Bernal continues to be a protagonist in social networks after it became known that some people vandalized a mural in his honor that is in Zipaquirá .

Fico Gutiérrez lashes out for attacking mural by Egan Bernal in Zipaquirá Egan Bernal: Mural vandalized in Zipaquirá for his opposition to Petro

In images that circulate on social networks, it can be seen how the mural has scratches with phrases such as “Disappointment, it does not represent us.”

This is not the main mural that was made when he won the Tour de France, it is another less known, but what happened still generated outrage on the networks, where a new discussion was generated between one and the other.

In the last few hours, former presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez reacted to what happened and the issue once again gained prominence . So much so that Bernal, who had been inactive for a few days on Twitter, reappeared with a striking message.

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'I don't think they bother me'

The cyclist responded to the 'attacks' he has received recently.

“To those who are worried about the “attacks” I have received, with love I say: 5 months ago I was practically dead and today I can think about competing again. After everything I've lived and gone through in my life, I think they don't bother me. Blessings to all!“, Bernal said this Friday in his Twitter account.

Although the date of his return to competition has not yet been defined, everything seems to indicate that it could happen at the end of the year. However, nothing is confirmed.

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