The CSN “demands” the return of COVID-19 premiums

The CSN “demands” the return of COVID-19 premiums

More than thirty unions affiliated with the Fédération du Commerce-CSN (FC-CSN) “demand” the “immediate” return of COVID-19 premiums, the payment of which was interrupted at the end of the first wave of the pandemic.

These unions represent thousands of workers in food and pharmaceutical warehouses, hotels, slaughterhouses, grocery stores, credit unions, insurance companies and food factories.

“We’ve been hammering it for months. The scenario is exactly the same as in the spring; the danger is the same, the number of cases is exploding, confinement is practically total. Even the profits are still there. However, only one player is missing: the bonus. It is unjustifiable ”, said Wednesday the treasurer of the FC-CSN, Michel Valiquette, by press release.

The unions are also calling for the payment of a salary during any period of isolation, the maintenance of the employment link and social benefits as well as the continuation of health and safety measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the FC-CSN, hundreds of workers in the hospitality industry are losing their seniority and their employment link severed after months of uncertainty caused by the fall in tourism.

“We have room attendants who are decades old, but who don’t work because the hotels are closed. Some employers take the opportunity to cut their employment ties and will not call them back when the hotels reopen. It is unfair and it is sorely lacking in solidarity, ”said Mr. Valiquette, stressing that employees are also deprived of their social benefits in the hotel industry.

“These workers should always have access, in particular to the insurance and pension plan, even in the event of a full or partial layoff, but some employers are withdrawing them,” said Mr. Valiquette.

The FC-CSN is also demanding that wages be maintained during compulsory isolation after an employee has contracted coronavirus disease.

“No one should see their income cut for weeks because they are forced to self-isolate,” said Valiquette.

“We are witnessing a relaxation in certain workplaces,” he continued. We must remain vigilant and ensure that protective equipment is available in sufficient quantity, at all times. ”

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