The Crown: these two former Prime Ministers attack Netflix because of season 5

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Last month, we already had you; revealed that actress Judi Dench, known for her role as M in the James Bond films, was furious with the trailer for the next season of < em>The Crown. And as the release of Season 5 of the Netflix series is fast approaching; great step, other public figures have expressed their dissatisfaction with certain events that can be discovered there. But this time it's not stars of the film industry, but former members of the British government.

The Crown: These two former Prime Ministers attack Netflix because of season 5


“absolute bullshit”

While season 5 of the series < em>The Crown needs to get out of here. just a few days, many fans are impatiently waiting to discover the sequel to the Netflix series, and for good reason, since it should retrace a turbulent period of the British royal family. Indeed, focusing on the 1990s, the series should return to various difficult times, such as the divorce between Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales played by Elizabeth Debicki, and her husband Charles, played; by Dominic West.

And as the Netflix series is set to premiere; cover sensitive topics, many controversies surrounding The Crown have surfaced at; as the release of season 5 got closer. One of the most recurrent criticisms concerns the portrait drawn up. of the royal family, which is not a reflection of reality. A point which has once again been highlighted by Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Indeed, Blair has been questioned by Daily Telegraphregarding a scene from the next season, in which we see a secret meeting with Prince Charles regarding Camilia Parker Bowles, with whom he was having an affair. He then declared:

As you can imagine, this is absolute bullshit.

The Crown: These two former Prime Ministers attack Netflix because of season 5

Blair will then be joined by his predecessor John Major, who will state in a letter to the Daily Telegraph:

It will be deeply hurtful for a family that is still grieving the person the whole series was about. founded. Netflix may consider all advertising to be is good at take, but I assure them that is not the case, especially when it is to be disrespectful. the memory of those who are no longer alive, or when they put words in the mouths of those who are still alive and unable to defend themselves.

Fiction should not be presented as fact. […] Without such action, millions of people around the world could still be influenced by a nefarious and fictitious script, which claims its “authority” by interspersing the narrative with historical facts.

The “action” in question quoted by John Major would then be to put a warning at the beginning of the é episodes, stating that the facts presented in the series are fictional in nature. This is indeed a point that had already been been stated in the past, joining in particular the disclaimer of liability; requested by Judi Dench.

The Crown: these two former Prime Ministers take on Netflix because of season 5

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