The Crown: discover the actors who will play Kate and William

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The Crown: discover the actors who will play Kate and William

It's official, viewers know which actors will play Kate and William in the final season of The Crown.

A few days ago, photos from the set of the Netflix series The Crown were released. Fans of the series which retraces the history of the royal family were able to discover the first images of the actors who will play the role of the couple Kate and William.


The shooting of the final season of The Crown has begun. Yes, season 6will be the last! To the great misfortune of its fans since since 2016, the Netflix series has indeed found its audience. The episodes that trace the reign of Queen Elizabeth II have gathered several million viewers. Every two seasons, the directors took care to change performers in order to respect the age of the characters. Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter), Matt Smith (House of the Dragon) and Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club). Comedians come and go! For this final season, new actorsare called upon to play the famous couple Kate and William.


As a couple for ten years, Kate Middleton and the prince William, Duke of Cambridge are now parents of 3 children, Georges, Charlotte and Louis. A love story that started during a morning jogging session. An important scene already filmed at the Scottish University of Saint Andrew, where the couple went to school together in the early 2000s. For a few days, the public has known who will play the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The Crown: we know who will play the roles of William and Kate

It's official, c Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy will portray the roles of William and Kate! The images make the front page of British magazines. The least we can say is that the choice is perfect! Aged 22 and 19, they look exactly like the iconic duo! On the set of the series The Crown, the two actors appear laughing and embracing. As explained BFMTV, they will retrace the story of the couple, from their meeting in adolescence until their twenties. Other published photos showing actor Ed McVey giving the reply to Dominic West (Prince Charles). Photos that increase the impatience of fans of the series.