The creators of Rick and Morty have been making fun of each other for several seasons!

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The creators of Rick and Morty have been kicking themselves for several seasons!

It's unclear what exactly caused the falling out, but apparently the bond has long been broken between Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

Accused of domestic violence,Justin Roiland faces prison and will no longer be associated with Rick and Morty. Suddenly, it is his sidekick Dan Harmon who will have to assume the rest of the series. No problem ? We learn today that tensions have existed behind the scenes between Roiland and him for some time now…

In an article published by The Hollywood Reporter, numerous sources confess that the two dads of Rick and Morty haven't been on good terms for years. In fact, it's been “several seasons“, that the two have been making fun of each other and not talking to each other anymore!

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The article states that a mediator was even introduced, at one point, to try to repair the relationship between the two, but nothing worked. It's unclear exactly what caused the falling out, but we're told that as a result, Justin Roiland's presence in the writing diminished drastically starting with the third season in 2017. .

We imagine that if it comes out today, it's also to suggest that, even without Roiland, the series can continue (since it would have been done more or less without him for years). That being said, he was still the one who dubbed most of the characters and he will therefore have to be replaced, without it being too obvious…

Remember that 70 episodes of < strong>Rick and Morty was commissioned by Adult Swim in 2018. Half of it remains to be produced.