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The creator of the chatbot ChatGPT will release a supercomputer with AI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr2,2024

Creator chat- ChatGPT bot will release a supercomputer with AI

OpenAI and Microsoft companies will release a supercomputer with artificial intelligence (AI) support. This is reported by The Information publication. According to an unnamed source, both corporations planned to create a data processing center with a supercomputer. The ecosystem will be built on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI). An insider's report claims that the project's budget could be $100 billion.

The supercomputer exists under the name "Stargate" (Stargate). Apparently, the ChatGPT chatbot developer is responsible for the main technical part, while Microsoft finances the project. Currently, companies are in the third stage of creating a data processing system. They intend to complete the project by 2028.

According to journalists, the name “Star Gate” refers to the film franchise of the same name, where there is a portal to travel from Earth to other planets. Microsoft and OpenAI continue to support the partnership: yes, Microsoft is using OpenAI models to develop its own virtual AI assistant Copilot.

In late March, Microsoft began to name the minimum system requirements for running a PC with artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, a computer with AI will have to have a neuroprocessor and a separate button to launch the Copilot service.

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