The creator and voice of Rick and Morty fired! The series will continue without Justin Roiland

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Rick and Morty's creator and voice fired! Series will continue without Justin Roiland

Accused of domestic violence for a few weeks, he was ostracized by Adult Swim.

Can there be Rick and Morty without Justin Roiland? Co-creator of the fantastic animated series, with his friend Dan Harmon, he was the soul, the brain and above all the voice behind Rick Sanchez and his grandson. But now the Smith family will have to fend for themselves.

Adult Swim has officially fired Justin Roiland, following accusations of domestic violence: “Adult Swim has terminated his association with Justin Roiland“, reads a statement from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Boomerang Senior Vice President of Communications, Marie Moore.

For the past few weeks, he has been charged with domestic violence, which allegedly caused bodily harm, threats or even fraud, all of which is linked to an incident which allegedly occurred in 2020 with a woman of whom we do not know. identity. Roiland has already pleaded not guilty and was released, but he will be tried in court on April 27.

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Despite its update aside, Adult Swim is out of the question forgoing its hit Rick and Morty, which wrapped its sixth season in December. There is still part of the 70 episodes (ordered in 2018) to see. But the coming season 7 will therefore be done with new voices…

We don't yet know what will happen to Solar Opposites – renewed for the seasons 4 and 5 and for Koala Man, launched on January 9, and broadcast by another platform, Hulu.