The crisp revelations concerning Germany are reacting across the Rhine, England has found a new Mbappé and Spain does not forgive La Roja, find in your review Foot Mercato press release the latest information from the European sports press.

Crazy nationalmannschaft revelations rock Germany, Kylian Mbappé lives in Leicester

  • The crazy people Nationalmannschaft relations rock Germany, Kylian Mbappé lives in Leicester

    England 10/12

     The crazy revelations about the nationalmannschaft shake Germany, Kylian Mbappé lives in Leicester


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The reasons for the disaster german unveiled

In Germany we continue with Ansi Flick! That's what Kicker puts upon the cover today. The German coach had been questioned, but should finally keep his place therefore and this is also what reports Bildon its website… Even if the newspaper gives us crispy revelations about the Nationalmannschaft! During the World Cup, Germany was divided into several groups. Some players have even accused Flick of favoring the players of Bayern too much, whom they know well since he was their coach before taking over the management of the selection. And in any case, it would have created great tensions within the group. The debates around the One Love armband, but also the fact of putting your hand in front of your mouth have further divided the German workforce.

England sees Mbappé everywhere

On the other side of the Channel, the match against the French team is definitely on everyone's mind! This time it's Harry Maguire making the headlines. The much maligned defender when he plays with Manchester United has shown a completely different face with the Three Lions. Imperial since the start of the competition, he also has great ambitions for the rest of the World Cup as reported by The Guardian. “We have to win the World Cup“, he confessed to the English press… Same thing on the front page of the Daily Star which also highlights the words of Maguire who explains that England are among the favorites for the final title. He also pointed out this difference with the epic in 2018, where Gareth Southgate's men had fallen in the semi-finals. “I played when we got to the semi-finals and a lot of guys were happy. We knew that whatever happened in this half, we would go home as heroes. ” These statements also make the front page of The Sun sports. But on the other hand it is Kylian Mbappé who makes the real cover of the newspaper! Or rather his English look-alike… That is to say if the striker clouds the minds of our British neighbors… “Kylian Mbappé lives in Leicester“, title the tabloid which adds a layer: “And he is a supporter of the Three Lions”! We are now awaiting the response of the real Mbappé, next Saturday in the field.

La Roja in the dark

We're heading to Spain where coach Luis Enrique is causing a lot of reaction! We told you yesterday, he could well be pushed to the exit. In any case, many reproaches are made to him in the Iberian press, but also to his federation… Errors in his list, bad changes during the matches and a coach unable to find a plan B to allow his team to score . This is the assessment that AS draws up this Thursday! For his part, Mundo Deportivo speaks of a “dilemma” to evoke the case of the coach… He would reflect on the situation and decide whether or not to continue explains the daily Catalan and this is also what Sport reports in its edition of the day! But beware, that's not really the general trend in the Spanish press, it's more that he could be pushed out and faster than expected! Some media speak of a 48-hour deadline for us to know the new coach… and moreover Marca gives us one of the most serious options to replace him. This is Luis de la Fuente, Spain's current U21 manager! Other candidates also stand out like Marcelino or Roberto Martinez, the former coach of Belgium!


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