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The court arrested three more suspects in the Crocus case

Photo: Aminchon Islomov in the defendant’s cell. Moscow March 25, 2024

The Basmanny Court of Moscow on Monday, March 25, arrested three more suspects in the case of the attack on Crocus City Hall. One of them – former owner of the car in which those accused of the attack fled from Moscow.

According to TASS, the names of the suspects – Aminchon, Dilovar and Isroil Islomov. These are two brothers and their father. Dilovar Islomov was allegedly the last owner of the white Renault used by the attackers. The Islomovs will remain in pre-trial detention until at least May 22, Radio Liberty reports.

Shortly after the attack, Novaya Gazeta Europe contacted the former owner of Renault and called him with initials that coincided with the initials of Dilovar Islomov. He said that a week before the events in Crocus City Hall. sold the car to his wife's brother and was shocked to see the car in the newsreel from the scene of the terrorist attack. Later, his relatives told reporters that Islomov himself went with his brother to the police station to give evidence. After that, contact with him disappeared.

At the trial on Monday it turned out that he is a Russian citizen working as a taxi driver in Tver. He is 24 years old, he has a wife and child.

His brother Aminchon is 33 years old and has seven children. He worked as a bus driver but quit for health reasons, he told the court. He declared his innocence, as follows from the online “Mediazona”.

Their father Isroil is 62 years old, he is a citizen of Tajikistan, married, he has five adult children.

Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin clarified on Monday that, according to the investigation, the Islomovs provided the perpetrators of the attack with an apartment and a car, and also transported money for them.

On March 23, the FSB reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin that 11 people were detained in connection with the shooting in the concert hall. Four of them are directly suspected of the attack. They arrived at the entertainment center in a white Renault, and after killing visitors and starting a fire, they left in the same car and were detained in the Bryansk region. The remaining seven detainees, according to law enforcement agencies, could be related to the preparation of the terrorist attack.

The first four suspects were arrested by the Basmanny Court on March 24. The Investigative Committee of Russia demanded that a similar preventive measure be chosen for the Islomovs, the court reported.

The Islomovs are accused under the article on a terrorist act. They could face imprisonment up to life.

On the evening of Friday, March 22, several people in camouflage uniforms opened fire from machine guns in a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow (administratively it is Krasnogorsk near Moscow). Then there was an explosion and a strong fire started. As a result of the terrorist attack, according to the latest data, 137 people were killed, including three children. At least 180 people were injured.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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