The courage to stand up

The courage to stand up

The famous actress and businesswoman Caroline Néron, who has known good years, tells in her book, with disarming honesty, her meteoric rise in the business world which aroused much envy, but which ended by a vertiginous fall. Despite the pain of the ordeal, she will roll up her sleeves to get up with serenity, inhabited by an extraordinary lucidity.

Carolin Néron opens her book with a shocking photo, stretched out, the makeup undone by tears. Beside her, vials of prescription drugs are strewn. We imagine the worst …

It is this photo that sets the table for her first chapter titled, “Falling High” which plunges readers into the drama, as the businesswoman has an anxiety attack as she comes to learn by the trustee that it will go bankrupt. Fifteen years of work destroyed. Fear and shame take hold of his being.

Her biographical book, which she wrote with the collaboration of Valérie Lesage, is her story with her good moves and her missteps as well, aware that the higher you aim, the more you risk diving, but that each test is a opportunity to learn and then push your own limits. “I told my story so that others don’t make the same mistakes, while sending a message of hope,” she says. “The exercise was also therapeutic. “

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