The corpses of “Wagnerites” are taken out of the Donbass by trucks

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The corpses of the Ukraine with the help of ordinary truckers.

According to journalists Beware, the news, the Rostov company “Disavtotrans” is an intermediary in organizing such transportation.

In particular, they refer to an ad whose intermediary posted on one of the transport exchanges.

«Weight – 6 tons, volume 82 cubic meters. Cargo 200», — stated in one of the submitted applications. Remove “full-metal packaged” the cargo needs to be transported from Rostov-on-Don to the administration of Balashikha near Moscow. For the delivery of “cargo 200” truckers receive 60,000 rubles in cash.

Among the requirements for the car, the presence of a refrigerator is noted. The cargo is sent unaccompanied, but all the necessary documents are issued from the morgue.

«In general, this is probably some kind of defensive order. These are the Wagnerites», – several times stressed in the organization that is looking for a carrier. They also noted that such orders are found almost daily.

As noted in the publication “Caution, news”, such orders are sorted out quite quickly: a few hours after the publication of the announcement, the performer was found.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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