The corpse of Maximiliano, a child murdered by a satanic sect, has already been delivered to the family

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The minor, only five years old, was murdered by a sect that included his mother, grandmother and stepfather

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Corpse of Maximiliano, a child murdered by a satanic sect, has already been handed over to the family

The minor of only five years was assassinated by a sect of the one that his mother, grandmother and stepfather were part of. (Twitter – @CAHUCOPANA)

Almost two months after the alleged disappearance of Maximiliano Tabares, a five-year-old boy who was murdered by a satanic sect in Remedios, Antioquia, was reported, Legal Medicine delivers the body of the child to the family.

According to the information that is known so far, the body of the child is transferred from the Legal Medicine headquarters located in Medellín to Segovia, Antioquia.

There the funeral ceremonies will be held and the burial, which will be in charge of Maximiliano's paternal family, since it is worth remembering that his mother and maternal grandmother were involved in the disappearance and homicide of the minor.

As revealed by Maximiliano's paternal grandmother, around 4:00 p.m. m. a mass will be held and the burial will take place on Sunday, November 20, one day before completing the two months since the child's mother reported the disappearance.

“They transfer him At 3:00 in the morning, the burial will take place here at my house and the body will wait for it in the Otún neighborhood and they will arrive at my house,” informed the paternal grandmother, Carmen Bernal, quoted by the Blu Radio station.

“Here a mass will be celebrated at 4:00 in the afternoon. On Sunday he leaves to go to the cemetery and another mass will be celebrated there,” added the relative of the boy murdered by a satanic sect in Remedios, Antioquia.

His own mother revealed the place where the body was left after the murder

“I told him to go out and get some arepitas with something to make breakfast, I walked him to the door, I saw that he came from the corner of the store, because the store is not far, I came to assemble the aguapanelita, when I saw that two minutes had passed and nothing, I got scared and right there I went to the store, but everything was closed, no one around, neither the child nor anything.”

This is how he narrated < b>Sandra Patricia Cano the disappearance of her five-year-old son, Maximiliano Tabares, on September 21 in Remedios, a mining town, and as such full of legends and stories of witches, located in the northeast of the department Colombian from Antioquia.

Within minutes, the distraught mother went to the local police station to report her son missing, and since then, both neighbors and authorities have begun a frantic search for the little boy.

The authorities offered 60 million pesos as a rewardfor information on the whereabouts of the child and the community of Remedios, with balloons and white clothing, marched through the streets to demand the return of little Maximiliano, while the mother appeared in front of the media asking for help to find her son . “I haven't slept or eaten for three days, despair is killing me, I hope for the constant support of the authorities in this search.”

While she claimed to have no idea about the whereabouts of her son, the community accused her and tried to lynch her. From the beginning, the residents of the sector where they lived suspected Maximiliano's own mother.

After weeks of investigations, the authorities captured the mother of the minor, his grandmother and his grandmother and his stepfather, along with three other people, as allegedly responsible for the act.

During the course of the investigation, it was established that these people were indeed part of a satanic sect that sacrificed the child. After several weeks without having any idea where Maximiliano's body was, his own mother was the one who indicated where they had left the body.