The controversial statement of the ex-mother-in-law of Inés Gómez-Mont before the “Querubines Case”

September 20, 2021 by archyde

One of the most talked about controversies in recent days is the one that lives Inés Gómez-Mont next to her husband Víctor Álvarez Puga, and they were both singled out by the authorities for alleged money laundering

According to the information, the crimes for which the couple is being accused are embezzlement, organized crime and crimes of operations with resources of illicit origin; the authorities are already looking for the “Cherubs” to supplement the arrest warrant against him.

In this regard, exsuegra by Inés Gómez-Mont made known his opinion on the worrying situation that not only affects the former driver of “Ventanenado” and the businessman, but also his small grandchildren, the fruit of the relationship he had with Javier Díaz from 2008 to 2013.

Some versions suggest that the couple has been involved in this problem since 2016 for having committed illicit enrichment or fraud, so these would be the reasons that would lead them to remain behind bars.

Tita Bravo thinks about the arrest warrant against Inés Gómez-Mont

The exsuegra by Inés Gómez-Mont He never had a very good relationship with the driver, and at some point he even made controversial statements related to the failed relationship he had with his son, in addition to pointing out that he did not allow him to see his grandchildren; presumably the father of the children has not been able to see them in five years.

Now Tita Bravo He makes it known that he does not want to comment on the famous “Cherubs Case”, however, he launched a controversial phrase that caused a stir.

“Today she says that she would give up her own life so that her son could see her children, we spoke with Tita and she said that it was not the time to give statements. The only thing she can say is that she is not happy about what is happening to Inés Gómez Mont, but that life has karmas ”, expressed the driver’s ex-mother-in-law to Marco Antonio Silva.

Bravo shared that although he does not wish him any harm, he gave indications that this is the result of the karma he earned from the bad relationship he had with Bravo.

“I am not going to speak for the good of my grandchildren, I am very sorry that this situation is happening. Only they really know what they are living, only they know if it really is happening “and said that he hopes that” God will take care of his grandchildren. “

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