The controversial phrase of Evo Morales against Luis Arce and his continuous interference in Peru

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The former Bolivian president took aim at the president, drawing criticism from members of his own party. While the opposition warns that the cocalero leader is exacerbating tensions on the Peruvian border and agitating the crisis of the Lima government

The controversial phrase of Evo Morales against Luis Arce and its continuous meddling in Peru


Humberto Vacaflor GanamFrom La Paz, Bolivia

The controversial phrase of Evo Morales against Luis Arce and his continuous interference in Peru

Bolivian President Luis Arce and former President Evo Morales

Former President Evo Morales currently wants to overthrow the President of < b>Bolivia and the president of Peru, according to accusations arising from their own party, the MAS.

Before their followers, on February 1, former President Morales asked: “How long are we going to put up with Lucho (Arce)?”, but then, as usual, he said that journalism distorted his words.

Deputy Rolando Cuéllar, a critic of the cocalero, said that he not only wants to overthrow Arce, but also Peruvian President Dina Boluarte.

And the opposition warns about the timing The tense situation that exists due to the provocations of Morales, with the Peruvian army now acting on the border with Bolivia, confronting the narco-terrorists of Sendero Luminoso from Puno.

President Luis Arce, who should remain in office until 2025, has taken Morales' phrase to the letter and his deputies now want to annul the status of “life leader” that the cocalero has in the MAS structure.

Furthermore, Arce's supporters have announced that their hands will not shake when they want to put Morales on trial before he can be taken away by the DEA of the United States.

Morales's words against Arce reveal that the cocalero would be willing to support the opposition's initiative to promote a recall referendum for the current president.

Evo Morales's controversial phrase against Luis Arce and his continuous meddling in Peru

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte

The department of Santa Cruz demands that Arce release Governor Luis Fernando Camachoimmediately, that he has been in prison for a month, or abide by the recall for which signatures are collected, which must add up to a million and a half, according to the law.

However, the Bolivian opposition he suspects that the fights between Arce and Morales are not real and that they only serve as smokescreens to cover the problems in the economy, starting with the urgent need to raise fuel prices.

The situation is so delicate that the National Hydrocarbons Administrator, ANH, asks citizens to keep an eye on their neighbors so that fuels are not misused or smuggled out of the country, given that they have a State subsidy.

The opponent < b>José Carlos Sánchez compares this exhortation with the system of espionage that exists in Cuba, with police officers who must inform the dictatorship of everything their neighbors do.

In addition, he says, it is known that those who smuggle fuel to neighboring countries do not buy it at the stalls: they use tankers through arrangements with government officials.

Last year, Bolivia imported fuel for a daily value of 11.8 million dollars, which caused the fuel trade balance to leave a deficit of 1.7 billion dollars.

Evo Morales's controversial sentence against Luis Arce and his continuous meddling in Peru

The leader of the Bolivian opposition, Luis Fernando Camacho

The expert Álvaro Ríos, a former oil minister, said that these imports will be added within the purchases that Bolivia will have to make of natural gas will be very little, when the few reserves that now remain are exhausted.

In 2030, say other experts, Bolivia will produce only 11 million cubic meters of gas per day, but its consumption will be 15 million, which will force gas imports to begin.

Argentina and Brazil, which now receive small volumes of gas from Bolivia, have agreed to use the Bolivian pipelines when they become vacant, which will allow gas to be brought from Vaca Muerta, in southern Argentina, to Sao Paulo, passing through Bolivian territory.

For the moment, the Peruvian conflict, fueled by Morales, has semi-paralyzed the Bolivian economy, since it affects Santa Cruz and El Alto and forces exporters to look to Chile alternative ports to the Peruvian ones.

There are currently 800 Bolivian trucks stranded in Peru since the conflict began. The companies are asking for international help to bring food to the drivers of those trucks.

José Carlos Sánchez believes that the fights between Arce and Morales will disappear when the opposition begins to threaten the permanence of the electoral fraud scheme that keeps MAS in government.

At the moment there are no signs that the opposition is targeting fraud, which consists, among many other things, in an inflated electoral roll and the fact that hundreds of thousands of citizens living abroad vote in the elections, without them knowing it.

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