The controversial list of FPF guests for the playoff against Australia, in Qatar

The controversial list of FPF guests for the playoff against Australia, in Qatar

Just as in other times, Agustín Lozano, the president of the Peruvian Football Federation, boarded the plane to Doha with the presidents of the Departmental Leagues, and the bosses of the provincial clubs, such as Piratas FC, of ​​League 2. In this note we exclusively reveal who they are.

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The controversial list of FPF guests for the playoff against Australia, in Qatar

Agustín Lozano, president of the Peruvian Football Federation, and a debatable list.

In the last hours a rumor has been circulating in the newsrooms and social networks: the existence of a list of more than one hundred travelers to the playoffs on Monday in Qatar, invited with all expenses paid by the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) .

Deporte Total of the newspaper El Comercio has exclusively obtained the complete list of the 138 travellers. Appears, as appropriate, the squad of 28 players, the extensive technical command of Ricardo Gareca, and the leadership and administrative staff of the FPF.

In a second order, there are the direct relatives and even friends of the players, the technical command and the president Agustín Lozano. But there is also a large leadership group that has no direct relationship with Videna and whose inclusion has depended directly on Lozano.

There are eight presidents of the Departmental Leagues that traveled on the same plane as those selected that were eliminated from Qatar 2022: Genaro Miñan Almanza (Tumbes), Reynaldo Lima Barrera (Huancavelica), Alfredo Felipe Britto Mayer (Trujillo), Luis Alberto Duarte Plata (Áncash) , Julio Muñante Gómez (Ica), Juan Francisco Quispe Cáceres (Tacna), Roberto Ramos Ruiz (Loreto), Hugo Martín Vizcardo Herrera (Piura).

Presidents of clubs from League 1 and League 2 also obtained a seat. Juan Carlos Aquino Condori (Binational), Rolando Bellido (Ayacucho FC), Fernando Eduardo Corcino Barrueta (Alianza Universidad), Arturo Sánchez Valencia (Unión Huaral) and even Farid Awad Muzza ( Piratas FC), who has been closely associated with Lozano in the past.

Other controversial character who was hand-picked to witness the failed classification is José Carlos Isla Montaño, lawyer for Edwin Oviedo, former president of the FPF accused of being the head of a criminal network called “Los wachiturros de Tumán”.

From the Peruvian Football Federation, some sources assure us that each of those selected paid for their relatives' tickets, since the space on the plane allowed it. And that in Barcelona, ​​during the two weeks of preparation, they were staying in different hotels and not in the concentration. “In Doha there was a lot of security. The contact only occurred in the passageways in the hotel”, they maintain. They also assure that there was no indiscipline on the part of the staff.

Likewise, there are fifteen guests who have no charge. They don't even have any direct relationship with the team or the technical command or the Federation. At least not in a visible way.

Is it a crime? It is not. But it is a debatable and historical practice that takes us back to other dark times of the FPF, which shows the cronyism in the most powerful circle of Peruvian soccer.