The controversial comparison of Perez Hilton on Thalía and Kylie Minogue that divided opinions in networks

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The American blogger known for commenting on news related to the world of Hollywood entertainment on the internet managed to make the Mexican respond

Perez Hilton's controversial comparison of Thalía and Kylie Minogue that divided opinions in networks

Perez Hilton compared Thalía and Kylie Minogue (Photo: Instagram/@thalia/@theperezhilton/@kylieminogue)

In late 2004, with the opening of her first blog known as PageSixSix, Perez Hilton became the terror of Hollywood celebrities, because despite the fact that he was enshrined in a reference in the pink press of the United States, colleagues and various stars cataloged his comments on the internet as “news related to the world of entertainment that follows a style close to sensationalism.”

Almost two decades after his stardom, the American of Cuban parents has done it again and this time a world-renowned Mexican is included. After the release of Psycho B**ch, his most recent musical single, Thalía captured the total attention of the also announcer, causing him to use his social media to compare her to another legend, Kylie Minogue.

Although he is an editor for various LGBT+-themed publications and was a communication assistant at GLAAD, an association against homophobia in the media, because he is an openly homosexual person, his words have divided opinions due to the public to which the message was directed, the differences in trajectories or even nationalities, since one is from Mexico and the other from Australia, although his entire career has been developed in the United Kingdom.

Perez Hilton's controversial comparison of Thalia and Kylie Minogue that divided opinions in networks

This was Hilton's comparison (Photo: Twitter)

Thalía is to Latinos what Kylie Minogue is to gays!The Mexican icon is so consistently great! And so proudly POP!Psycho B**ch has a European flare and is a carefree good time. This is meant to be fun and totally succeeds!” the controversial blogger tweeted.

As expected, fans of both artists began leaving their thoughts on the comparisons, Well, while some assured that they were great compliments to each other, others assured that not all the public of both belongs to the community LGBT+, although quantitatively the positive reactions far outweighed the negative ones.

“Although they are two completely different things, they are legends in pop music and that is a complete success of Hilton”. “I think the comparison was born from Kylie's last studio album –Disco-, where the popular genre of the 70s is reflected 100% in it and this single by Thalía brings the same vibe”. “I think that not all of their fans are gay and it is a big mistake that personalities like him or the Drag Queens refer to 'gays' all the time as if they were the only part of an entire community, which with acronyms marks a much wider range of diversity,” netizens responded.

Perez Hilton's controversial comparison of Thalía and Kylie Minogue that divided opinions in networks

This is how Thalía reacted (Photo: Twitter)

To the surprise of more than one, Thalía reacted to said mention of Perez Hilton and although she did not use a single word, a large number of emojis that were from hearts, a mirror ball, people dancing disco music and faces of love, they showed that the Mexican liked it. Kylie Minogue has not spoken at the moment in no way to the words of the American.

Psycho B**ch, the “sensual angle of Thalía”

Recalling one of the various eras of her past in the music industry, the pop singer has released her most recent single, which from the title has caused great controversies, because although currently most female performers have been able to play any type of themes in her songs, regardless of whether they can even be of a sexual nature, the taboo persists and the also actress has already confessed that she does not care “what others say.”

Perez Hilton's controversial comparison of Thalía and Kylie Minogue that divided opinions in networks

The single has had a great commercial performance (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)

“It's like hitting base with that wild, sexy and unexpected side of me. There is that dilemma of Thalía that has those wonderful ballads, those songs so cool and familiar with that delicious pop… Suddenly, I have the irreverent, wild, sexual side of songs like Who cares and Sweeping. This song is a nod to that side of me that is so my own, take it or leave it, but that's me”, she expressed for Billboard magazine.