The comedian of “a curve mirror” Michael Vasyukov was in the hospital with a suspected coronavirus

Comedian Michael Vasyukov, who became famous thanks to the program “Distorting mirror”, was in the hospital with pneumonia. Doctors suspect the artist coronavirus.

Юморист "Кривого зеркала" Михаил Вашуков попал в больницу с подозрением на коронавирус

At the moment the patient affected 65% of the lungs. The state of health of Mikhail Vashukov is estimated as heavy. It is not excluded that it will be transferred to the intensive care unit. The actor is undergoing treatment in Pushkino.

Recall that Vasyukov was born in the village of Vsevolozhsk in the Leningrad region. After the filming of the program “Distorting mirror”, it has gained immense popularity. There, the artist went on stage in a duet with Nikolai Bandurin.

In hospitals during an outbreak of coronavirus has already been visited by many Russian celebrities. Recently it became known that COVID-19 diagnosed Tatiana Navka and her husband, Dmitry Peskov. Test positive for coronavirus and was the singer Vlad Sokolovsky. He’s being treated at home.

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