The Colombian singer was uncovered.

Gerard Piqué is still debating whether to leave Barcelona or not, while his ex-partner, the Colombian singer, Shakira, leads her normal life.

Piqué, there is talk, he can leave Barcelona, ​​because after the separation with the barranquillera announced last June, because his life has become a torment.

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It is noted that the legal issue, that the separation of assets and the custody of their children, Sasha and Milan, has him against the wall.

Another chapter

Shakira has always wanted to stay with them, but that is not completely defined. She makes sure that she wants to go live in Miami with them and that has destabilized the Spanish defender.

There is so much anguish that there is talk that if that happens, that Sasha and Milan go with the Colombian to Miami, he would be willing to leave Barcelona. Hard and long theme.

Meanwhile, Shakira talked about her relationship with Ozuna, the Puerto Rican singer, with whom he recorded a video of a song in Barcelona.

As always, people began to talk, it was said that the two have some relationship, which aroused, once again, the curiosity.

On her social networks, Shakira replied to a message from Ozuna, after the message: “How beautiful you are”.

The answer

The Colombian He replied to this message, but more in a tone of friendship and admiration than anything else.

“Ozu! You are a champion how you endured the many hours of continuous filming. A pleasure working with you!!! You deserve the success you have achieved!!”

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