The Colombian driver spent six years in the top category, with Williams and McLaren.

The Colombian driver spent six years in the top category, with Williams and McLaren.

Juan Pablo Montoya was the second Colombian driver to race in Formula 1, after the Roberto José Guerrero's ephemeral stint with the Ensign and Theodore teams, and he was the first to really be in the fight for the top category title.

The Bogota native made his debut with Williams in 2001 and then, in 2005, he moved to McLaren. It touched the dominant era of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari, for which it could not be crowned.

Juan Pablo Montoya's track record in Formula 1

However, his time in F1 was not bad at all: he won seven races, obtained 13 pole positions, finished in 30 races on the podium and fought for the title with Williams in the 2002 and 2003 seasons, in which he finished third on the podium.

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Montoya's exit of F1 was abrupt. Not feeling comfortable at McLaren, struck a deal with Chip Ganassi, his old boss at Cart, to become a Nascar driver, an announcement that meant he didn't even finish the 2006 season.

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What did Montoya lack to become world champion? A former boss of his gave his reasons. Franz Tost, today's team manager at Alpha Tauri, was Williams' track operations manager at the time the Colombian was with that team.

In an interview with the portal , Tost analyzed all the drivers with whom he has had contact during his time in the category. And there, he gave his explanations why, according to him, Montoya did not win the world championship.

Why Montoya was not world champion, according to Tost

“Like Ralf (Schumacher, his partner at Williams), Juan was extremely talented, extremely fast. But what Montoya, like everyone else, lacked compared to Michael: this total focus on Formula 1. For Michael, there was only Formula 1, nothing else. Even Ralf was easily distracted in this regard,” explained Tost.

“In terms of sheer talent,Montoya could easily have won a title. But talent alone is not enough to win titles in Formula 1. You must have the necessary discipline to use your talent correctly”, added the current head of Alpha Tauri.

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The Colombian driver spent six years in the top category, with Williams and McLaren.

In addition to the rivalry with the six-time world champion, Montoya also had a separate duel with the younger brother of the German, being on the same team.

About Ralf, Tost opined: “He had teammates of great quality and extremely fast like Juan-Pablo Montoya or Jenson Button . And he controlled them. His problem: he was never in the right place at the right time; otherwise he would have earned titles like his brother. What finally cost him his speed were two extremely serious accidents. Once during tests in Monza and the accident in Indianapolis.”

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