The cold may weather in Russia may replace the abnormal heat

Forecasters said that the cold period in may in the Central regions of Russia, including Moscow, may be followed by a heat wave. In recent time, scientists are becoming harder to find patterns in climate change.

Холодную майскую погоды в России может сменить аномальная жара

On 23 may, the specialists of the center “a Fobos” predicts in the capital around 6 degrees above zero. While the weekend weather will improve, 25-26 day of the month it is expected to +18 degrees in the afternoon. Wednesday, may 27, the thermometer will show +12 degrees, and 30 may can rise to 27 degrees. Rainfall will be correlated with temperature indicators. In particular, the warmer it is, the less it is worth to wait for the rains. A new type of weather scientists not only in Russia but around the world called “nervous”. Anomalous phenomenon, previously encountered once in 50 years, is now observed more often, said the representative of WWF Alexey Kokorin.

Drew the attention of a specialist and that is not so rare as before, it is possible to fix the meridional shifts of air masses. Currently dominated by air mass from the North, which is cold, and then come South and bring the heat, reports “MK”. Is this the situation could be greenhouse effect, enhanced by the latest the fault of human activity. Quarantine for pandemic coronavirus can not radically change the situation. While the patterns in weather conditions to look for is becoming increasingly difficult.

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