The coach of the Ibaguer team knows that the comeback is not easy, but he believes in his players.

The coach of the Ibaguer team knows that the comeback is not easy, but he believes in his players.

Deportes Tolima seeks to come back this Sunday from the 1-3 they conceded in the first leg of the BetPlay League final against Nacional (7 pm, Win Sports+).

Those led by Hernán Torres are playing their third consecutive league final. In the first they beat Millonarios, while in the second, played in December of last year, they fell to Deportivo Cali.

That is why on Sunday, Deportes Tolima will try to come back in a Manuel Murillo Toro stadium that is expected to be full to lift its fourth Colombian league and ratify that it is the best team in Colombia today.< /p>Tolima vs. Nacional: the time has come for the final battle for the star 'Nacional will culminate the entire process of the semester with the title': Herrera

A few hours before As the ball rolls, Torres confirmed that he believes in the comeback and that his team will compete to win the title.

'We are going to compete to the death to be champions'

The coach of the Ibaguer team knows that the comeback is not easy, but he believes in his players.

Is there a chance to come back?

“The faith is intact. We are convinced of who we are, of the group we have. We are going to compete to the death to be champions. We will do everything to fulfill our dream”.

Is Anderson Plata ready to play?

“Until Sunday the last assessment will be given. On Sunday morning I will know if Plata can or cannot play. We will announce the news in the locker room.”

The approach to the match
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“Tolima is going to do what it has always done. We are not going to change anything. Soccer is the sport of crowds because everyone has their concepts. Everyone can see the game in their own way. Tolima has a style that he has consolidated and that he will apply tomorrow against Nacional”.

How to manage the anxiety to score the goals they need?

“Most of our players have been champions. We know we have the need, but we will play an intelligent game, a game with order. We hope to see a very mature team.”

Will there be a change of scheme?

“Tolima is not going to change its scheme or its way of playing. We are aware that we are losing, but the game is 180 minutes. We're going to compete. There's no need to change anything.”

The support of the entire department

“We know the affection of all the people of Tolima. Tomorrow we will do everything possible to repay that faith and trust. Ibagué is a soccer city and I hope that tomorrow we can turn around.”

The final message to the fans to get excited about the comeback

“Football is complicated. Football is not easy. Neither when he is first nor when he is last is easy. We are aware, we have a lot of maturity, we have a lot of faith. First in God, who allows everything, and then in the players , who have everything to compete. We will do everything possible to reach the final and say: we gave everything.”

Alexander Domínguez

The coach of the team from Ibaguer knows that the comeback is not easy, but he believes in his players.

After being the protagonist in the first game of the final, the Ecuadorian Alexander Domínguez accompanied Torres in the press conference prior to the second leg. This he said.

Where will the key to the match be?

“We all know what is at stake. We have to be focused in every way. With the group we have we can reverse the situation. I have faith in God that tomorrow will not be the exception. I trust the teacher and everyone My teammates. The fight is going to be fighting.”

How do you face the final after what happened in the previous match?

“Luckily I have the opportunity to get up in the face of adversity. If you fail today, you'll get up tomorrow. I'm calm. I'm fine. That's life. That's football. Nothing is going to bring me down. I'm fine. Tomorrow we're going to reverse the situation “.


“In the months that I have been in the institution I have received full confidence. The teacher has always been attentive to me. I am grateful I do everything to work and make an effort so that he and my family and I have happiness on weekends.”

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