The club where Radamel Falcao plays reproached the Colombian goalkeeper for terminating his contract.

The club where Radamel Falcao plays reproached the Colombian goalkeeper for terminating his contract.

Rayo Vallecano issued a statement this Sunday asking Iván Arboleda to “reconsider his unjustified contractual resolution and fully comply with his contractual obligations with the club”, a few days after the Colombian goalkeeper ceased to belong to the Madrid team by terminating his contract denouncing non-payments.

Arboleda arrived at Rayo in September 2021 and signed a contract until 2024 with the Spanish club. Without opportunities and in the shadow of Stole Dimitrievski and Luca Zidane, he decided to leave on loan in January 2022 to Newell's Old Boys until December, although with the possibility, before June 30, of returning to Rayo if they decided take it back.

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The Argentine club was in charge of paying the player's file through the
Lightning, something that the Colombian goalkeeper denounced a few days ago that has not occurred.

The club where Radamel Falcao plays-reproached; to the Colombian goalkeeper for terminating the contract.

“The leaders of Rayo Vallecano have treated me as if I were a criminal, I have been living on my savings for almost two months and I had no other way out than to be free to continue exercising my sports profession,” Arboleda said in a statement on August 26. .

The Rayo statement in the Iván Arboleda case

Two days later, Rayo responded with a statement in which “categorically denies the allegations made” by the Colombian player and “flatly rejects the contractual termination requested on August 22, 2022.”

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“The club has asked Arboleda to reconsider its unjustified contractual resolution and to fully comply with its contractual obligations with the Club. However, if it persists in its non-compliance, it will have to face the sporting sanctions and the payment of the agreed compensation in all and each of the contracts both with Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys and with this entity, including the payment of the termination clause provided for in their employment contract,” says Rayo.

“The club has put this case in the hands of its legal services and, consequently, it will not make any further comments. All the rights of Rayo Vallecano de Madrid against the player and against any third party that contracts with the aforementioned professional athlete, are expressly reserved,” he concludes. .
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