The climber Ondra finished sixth in the combined at the World Championships, he has not yet advanced to the Olympics

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The climber Ondra finished in the combined at the WC šestý, he has not yet advanced to the Olympics

Czech climber Adam Ondra in the bouldering part of the combined at the World Championships in Bern, August 12, 2023.

Bern – Climber Adam Ondra finished sixth in the combined at the World Championships. After a promising result in bouldering, after which he had a fifth place with minimal loss of the podium, he spoiled his stronger climbing on the difficulty. He has not advanced to the Olympic Games yet. Participation in Paris was ensured by the medalists led by the victorious Austrian Jakob Schubert.

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Ondra advanced to the eight-man final from sixth place, so he started third. He struggled a lot on the opening boulder until he reached the upper zone on the fifth attempt in the last minute. Then he advanced further and reached for the final hold with one hand, but fell and did not register the top. Instead of less than 25 points, he had only 9.6.

But he managed the other three boulders. He was especially happy after the success on the triple. After taking attempts into account, he has 84.1 points in the middle of the final, while the third Japanese Sorato Anraku has nine tenths of a point more. Just ahead of Ondra is the American Colin Duffy. British Toby Roberts won the three tops as climbers from third to fifth place, but he managed only the first zone on the opening boulder and had 79.3 points.

Last year's European vice-champion in the combination Ondra was supposed to attack the podium on the rope, according to paper assumptions, but just like in the difficulty specialist race and in the semi-finals of the combination, his great discipline did not work out for him in this championship. He didn't even get into the area where there are four points for every catch. He fell on the way to the 36th catch, which meant only 57.1 out of a hundred possible points. He collected a total of 141.2 points and gradually fell in the ranking. In the end, 15.5 points separated him from the bronze-winning Japanese Tomoy Narasaki.

The three-time world champion in difficulty will have to fight for participation in the Olympic Games in Paris until next year. Five spots will be up for grabs in the spring qualifier series, with one still up for grabs in the European qualifier.

Reigning European champion Schubert laid the groundwork for a second gold at the bouldering championships when, like Narasaki, he climbed all the way and he lost only a tenth of a point in second place. In difficulty, he confirmed his position as a four-time world champion and won this part with a score of 84 points, finishing four holds below the top. He beat the silver-winning American Duffy in the combined by almost 23 points.

Sport Climbing World Championships in Bern:

Men – combined: 1: Schubert (Austria) 183.6 b., 2. Duffy (USA) 160.7, 3. Narasaki (Japan) 156.7, …6. Ondra (CZ) 141.2.