“The climb”: a story of friendship caught between two genres

“The climb”: a story of friendship caught between two genres

Noticed at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, the film “The Rise” by Michael Angelo Covino explores, in a comic and dramatic way, the relationship between two friends.

The feature film opens with Mike (Michael Angelo Covino) who confesses to Kyle (Kyle Marvin), his best friend, that he slept with his fiancée Ava (Judith Godrèche, quickly evacuated) and with whom he is going to marry. As we can imagine, the two friends argue and we find Ava kissing Mike in the hospital.

The screenplay, co-written by the two friends, goes from one moment to another as we then find Mike at the funeral of Ava, whom he finally married, while he opposes the gravediggers. The result of this series of short stories put together is an exploration of the relationship between the two men, of the depth of their friendship. Sometimes with a lot of elegance and modesty, the feature film teaches us their history, their past and the ramifications that last until the present.

Unfortunately, under cover of originality (the first scene), Michael Angelo Covino’s film only re-explores themes that have already been addressed. Loyalty, honor and loyalty are the values ​​around which all the comedies that tackle this subject are built. This feature film uses the same clichés, too worn out.

Among the most famous films of the genre, there is of course “The next day before” which made a splash. “The rise”, much more dramatic, even sometimes too falsely dramatic, never really succeeds in convincing, probably because the two men do not know if they prefer the comedy or the drama, hesitation which leaves, in spite of some good moments, the spectator on his end.

The film is available on video on demand starting January 19 via illico, Rogers, Telus, Bell and Cogeco (original English version dubbed in French) as well as via Shaw and Vubiquity (original English version only).

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