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La Ville de Montré al announces a municipal animal shelter

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The non-profit organization Proanima will take care of animals in a “harmonized” way abandoned throughout Montreal.

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After more than 12 years working on such a project, the City of Montreal announced on Wednesday a new centralized municipal animal shelter, which will see the light of day in 2026.

To carry out this project, the City is awarding a 10-year contract, at a cost of $157.9 million, to the organization Proanima, which will provide the service services in the territory of the 19 districts, in a uniform and harmonized manner.

This envelope includes the acquisition and development of a building in the east of the city, it is specified in a press release from the City of Montreal.

In addition to the opening of a first shelter in the east of the city in 2026, the City wishes to subsequently develop a second facility in the west.

Once the shelter is operational, the Proanima organization will take care of stray, abandoned or surrendered animals, offer veterinary care, such as sterilization, vaccination or microchipping, reunite lost animals with their owners and offer a system adoption, explained Maja Vodanovic, the municipal representative responsible for the project, at a press conference.

The organization will also continue the management of [dangerous] dogs in Montreal, an essential part of the services, which will be integrated into the shelter.

A quote from Extract from a press release from the City of Montreal


Currently, it is the SPCA that offers shelter to abandoned animals in most Montreal boroughs.

When Proanima takes over in 2026, the SPCA will be able to return to its original mission, namely the protection and defense of animals, rejoices Maya Vodanovic. Providing a shelter service goes well beyond the mission and responsibility of the SPCA, she adds.

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Once the shelter in eastern Montreal is operating at full capacity in 2026, the Proanima organization will continue to work in concert with the SPCA , which will offer “additional services”.

After 2026, the SPCA will remain an important partner of the City and Proanima by offering complementary services, such as palliative care or specialized surgeries, explains Ms. Vodanovic.

We will focus even more on inspections, education, animal advocacy and care for the most vulnerable and needy cases.

A quote from Laurence Massé, executive director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Nearly half of Montreal households own a pet, according to the City of Montreal. Animal management is no small responsibility as the number of pets increases, says Vodanovic.

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A shortage of affordable, pet-friendly housing remains the leading reason people abandon their pets, according to the Montreal SPCA.

But this increase in the number of animals is accompanied by an explosion of abandonments in Montreal. We are seeing a growth in shelter admissions of 64% between 2021 and 2022, mentioned the municipal elected official.

Proamina will work with the City, just like the SPCA, to raise awareness among the population, to reduce the number of abandonments in Montreal, assures Ms. Vodanovic.

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