The City assaults the leadership of the Premier after winning in the field of Arsenal

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City storms the leadership of the Premier after winning at Arsenal's ground

 For the first time since the second day Manchester City is the leader in the Premier League. And it is because he won. in the field of Arsenal, an impregnable place until this Wednesday, in which Pep Guardiola's men took the 3-1 victory thanks to goals from Kevin de Bruyne, Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland, that unbalanced the He helped win the game with his generosity and a goal.

Arsenal, leader for 20 straight games, gave up the game. the first square with the assault on his temple of the Emirates. The City, still reeling from accusations of financial irregularities, looms large on the pitch and wins the title. It was on the field where Mikel Arteta's Arsenal had only dropped four points all season.

A precious chip from Kevin de Bruyne with his left foot and a right from Jack Grealish, both goals with the help of an unfortunate Tomiysau, destabilized an Arsenal >that they still have a game less than City but that they already see themselves below in the table on equal points, due to the better scorer difference of the 'Sky Blues'. Haaland , active with his generosity in the 1-2 and the cause of the 1-3, returned to the game. He made City's scoring roster three games later.

Teacher and student

The duel between teacher and student took him home. Guardiola, after a warm greeting between the two coaches before the initial whistle. In sports, that of Sampedorcame back He decided to opt for the defense of three central defenders, without wingers, but this time he amended his position. His Tottenham mistake from ten days ago. This time yes. he put in to De Bruyne as the starter. And the Belgian reciprocated. At 24 minutes he hunted an erratic sending behind Tomiyasu and with a chip with the “bad” leg he overcame the goal. Aaron Ramsdale stayed with us. half way out.

The goal ratified the The plan of City, was taking loud whistles from Arsenal due to the loss of time by Ederson, who was already booked in the 30th minute. This was a big deal for a goalkeeper, who was also able to take to the streets early.

To the disbelief of all of City, Anthony Taylor blew his whistle. a penalty from Ederson to Nketiha, when he had already shot, and Bukayo Saka did not fail from eleven meters.

Deservedly, since they were being better, Arsenal returned to the field. He joined the game just before the break, but the break didn't help him.

Way superior

He came out of the game. City was better in the second half, with more clairvoyance up front and touched the spotlight. the goal when Gabriel brought down the ball. He caught Haaland inside the area. He was saved the Arsenalfor a previous offside by the Norwegian, but there it was. sold out The luck of those of Arteta.

A few minutes later, HaalandHe was generous and instead of facing the goal, he gave him the ball. to Gundogan the ball in the front. The German continued. He pulled the chain and opened the door. for Grealish, already inside the area, to finish off with his right leg. The ball touched the ball.

Haaland , who had accumulated three games without scoring, the worst streak of him at City, finiquit & oacute; That was the game when Arsenal was still dreaming of a draw. De Bruyne put in a lateral center and Haaland, with a 1-3 score, scored the goal. the goal of the sentence.

Here is the goal. For the moment, the leadership of an Arsenal endswhich remains with 51 points, the same as City, which has a better goal difference (+36 for +26). The only positive note for the 'Gunners' is that they have one game less than City, which is already picking up a run for its fifth Premier League in the last six. years.

Arsenal, 1 – Manchester City, 3

Arsenal: Ramsdale; Tomiyasu (White, m.83), Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Jorginho, Xhaka (Vieira, m.83), Odegaard; Martinelli (Trossard, m.76), Nketiah and Saka.

Manchester City: Ederson; Walker, Dias, Aké; Gundogan, Rodri, Silva; Grealish (Foden, m.77), De Bruyne (Phillips, m.87), Mahrez (Akanji, m.61) and Haaland.

Goals: 0-1. De Bruyne, m.24, 1-1. Saka, m.42. 1-2. Grealish, m.72 and 1-3. Haaland, m.82.

Referee: Anthony Taylor cautioned the player. Tomiyasu (m.48), Nketiah (m.64) by Arsenal and Walker (m.34), Ederson (m.36), Silva (m.45+2) and Grealish (m.62) by from City.