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The church calendar for July 2024 is Orthodox and Greek Catholic

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Church calendar for July 2024 – Orthodox and Greek Catholic

Church calendar for July 2024/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

Learn about all the holidays that await Christians according to the church calendar (Orthodox or Greek Catholic) in July 2024.

The church calendar is a system that combines the annual cycle of transitional holidays (linked to Easter) and the cycle of non-transitional holidays and weekdays. The whole life of illiterate peasants was focused on the liturgical calendar. All the days that mattered to them were not associated with the month and number, but with one or another saint. For example, beehives were exhibited in apiaries on Zosyma. Yes, people's lives were governed by the church calendar. Fasting is also of great importance for believers. Regardless of religion, the calendar is important for observing fasts, both Great and one-day fasts, as well as church holidays.

Please note that Ukraine has switched to the New Julian calendar. So the dates of the usual holidays were shifted to 2024. Therefore, Orthodox and Greek Catholic believers will celebrate them at the same time.

All holidays in the Orthodox calendar for July 2024

The church calendar will tell Orthodox believers about important holidays:

July 1– holy miracle workers and silverless people Cosmas and Damian;
July 2 – Laying of the robe to the Holy Mother of God in Blacherna;
July 3 – holy martyr Jacinto; St. Anatoly, Patriarch of Tsargorod;
July 4 – Holy Eucharist (Sunday); Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete; St. Reverend Martha;
July 5 – St. Reverend Athanasius of Athos;
July 6– Saint Venerable Sisoy the Great;
July 7– Mother of God of Perpetual Help; Saints Thomas and Akakias;
July 8 – the holy great martyr Procopius;
July 9 – the holy holy martyr Pancratius, bishop of Tavromenia;
July 10 – St. Venerable Anthony of Pechersk;
July 11 – St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga, Princess of Kyiv; of the holy holy martyr Euphemia;
July 12– Christ the man-lover (For Sunday); the holy martyrs Proclus and Hilary; St. Venerable Michael Maleinao;
July 13 – Compassion of the Most Holy Theotokos; St. Venerable Stephen Savvait; Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Gabriel;
July 14 – Fathers of six cathedrals; the holy apostle Aquila;
July 15 – the holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Prince Volodymyr;
July 16 – the holy holy martyr Athenogenes and 10 of his disciples;
< strong>July 17 – Saint Martyr Maryna;
July 18 – Saint Martyrs Jacinto and Emilian;
July 19 – Saint Reverend Macrina, sister of Saint Basil Great; the holy prophet Diya;
July 20 – the holy glorious prophet Elijah (on Sunday);
July 21 – All Saints of the Ukrainian People; Saints Simeon and Ivan; the holy prophet Ezekiel;
July 22 – the holy Equal-to-the-Apostle Mary Magdalene;
July 23 – holy martyrs Trochym, Theophilus, etc.;
July 24 – holy martyrs Boris and Hleb; of the holy great martyr Christina;
July 25 – Dormition of Saint Anna, mother of the Most Holy Theotokos;
July 26 – of the holy martyr Ermolai; the holy venerable martyr Paraskeva;
July 27 – the holy great martyr Panteleimon, a doctor; St. Clement;
July 28 – the holy apostles Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon and Parmen;
July 29 – the holy martyr Kalinikus;
30 July – holy apostles Silas, Siluan, Andronikos, etc.;
July 31 – holy righteous Eudokim.

Church calendar for July 2024 – Orthodox and Greek Catholic

Religious holidays for July 2024/Photo by rawpixel

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