The Chilean opposition harshly criticized the government after the leak of an audio from the chancellor: “Extreme amateurism”

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The audio in which Antonia Urrejola calls the Argentine ambassador to Chile a “huevón” sparked controversy on Tuesday and clouded the participation of Gabriel Boric in the Celac summit in Buenos Aires

The Chilean opposition harshly criticized the Government after the leak of an audio from the chancellor: “Extreme amateurism”

Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola. Esteban Felix/Pool via REUTERS

The Chilean opposition attacked the government harshly on Tuesday, accusing it again of “amateurism”, after the press published the leak of an audio in which the ambassador of Argentina in Chile, Rafael Bielsa, was criticized in a derogatory manner, after it criticized the Executive for suspending a mining project.

The project in question, known as “Dominga” and which threatened a unique nature reserve in the world, was dismissed by the Gabriel Boric government last week after ten years of lawsuits and corruption controversies in the so-called “Panama papers”, which linked former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera. p>

After the leak was disseminated, during the Chilean president's visit to Argentina for the Celac summit, former foreign minister Roberto Ampuero said on social networks that it is proof of “extreme amateurism”.

Irregularities by the Chilean Foreign Ministry are increasingly unusual, inexcusable and harmful to the image of our country”, he said.

Along the same lines, Senator Iván Moreira, from the far-right UDI party and member of the Foreign Relations Commission, called it “shameful” and demanded that the Foreign Ministry offer explanations.

Filtered audio of a discussion in the government of Chile in response to Rafael Bielsa

Deputy Sofía Cid, of the conservative National Renewal party, spoke of “cardboard feminism” and criticized the decision to dismiss Lorena Díaz, the press officer for the minister of Exteriors, Antonia Urrejola.

“Once again this government cuts the thinnest thread and once again it is a woman. All the departures and departures from this government have been women and there we see this cardboard feminism again,” she stated.

Obviously the person in charge of communications had to leave, but here The minister has to show her face. We want him to come to the Committee on Foreign Relations because, okay, they can have internal talks… but leak them?” she wondered.

“It is serious, because we are faced with having problems with the neighbors. We have had a series of untidy acts in the Foreign Ministry and in the Government, it must be said, and this generates a greater conflict”, he added.

Senator Jaime Quintana (PPD), who spoke to the media when leaving the Upper House, described it as embarrassing and insisted that all Foreign Ministry officials must be required to take maximum rigor in caring for an asset of our country such as its international relations ”.

From Buenos Aires, Urrejola said that he spoke with Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Caffiero, who told him that “they are occupational hazards” and that relations between the two countries “are very good.”

“Therefore, both the statements of Ambassador Bielsa in the Senate and what happened with this leak are completely surpassed by the authorities of both countries,” said Urrejola.

In addition, the Chilean foreign minister said that she spoke with President Borica, and clarified that he should not present his resignation.

The Chilean opposition criticized harshly to the Government after the leak of an audio from the chancellor: “Extreme amateurism”

Rafael Bielsa, Argentine ambassador to Chile

The recording of the Chilean government's internal discussion on how to respond to the discomfort caused by statements by Ambassador Bielsa generated a controversy in the politics of the Andean country.

The problems had started when in a meeting in the Foreign Relations Commission of the Chilean Senate, Bielsa complained because the Chilean government decided to cancel the mining project. What the Argentine ambassador said upset La Moneda.

The leaked audio belongs to a reserved meeting of Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola who is discussing with her closest collaborators what response to give to Bielsa's statements.

We have a lot of room to hit him to this jerk. And we have to take advantage of it because Argentina is preparing CELAC and is not going to want to open a flank”, an adviser is heard saying.

Enough, this jerk, he does what he wants when he feels like it, and the explanation is that he's crazy?”, complains Foreign Minister Urrejola, who also shares with others the furious complaint she sent to the Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero: “The issue of the Dominga project was a unanimous decision of the council of ministers. Your ambassador directly attacks the government of President Boric on a very sensitive political issue. It is honestly unacceptable. A few days after we go to CELAC in Argentina”, the Chilean foreign minister is heard reading.

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