The Chilean government will reactivate the working group with the opposition to face the crisis of insecurity and violence

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Opposition leaders had walked out of talks following controversy over Gabriel Boric's pardons

The Chilean government will reactivate the working group with the opposition to face the crisis of insecurity and violence


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

The Chilean government will reactivate the working group with the opposition to face the crisis of insecurity and violence

Carolina Tohá , Minister of the Interior and who is in charge of internal security management in Chile

The Minister of the Interior of Chile, Carolina Tohá, who within her duties is in charge of the matters related to public order and security, announced that the work table to achieve a transversal commitment for the security of the country will be reactivated.

After being inactive due to the decision of the opposition to the government of Gabriel Boric to withdraw from the instance in protest of the pardons granted by the President to the prisoners of the social outbreak and to the former frontista Jorge Mateluna . A plan whose roadmap was intended to be completed by the end of 2022.

The chief of staff, after participating in a seminar by Fundación Paz Ciudadana, indicated that the working group will resume its actions < b>in order to address an increasingly alarming reality in Chile. “Today I can announce that there is a different provision, fortunately, there have also been very relevant actors such as the Association of Municipalities, the Chilean Association of Municipalities and the Association of Governors,” said Tohá.

“They have always been willing to move on”, He added, along with highlighting, that “we have given time for the sector that withdrew to return to the table and I believe that this will be possible. In fact, during that period we continued to work with the RN senators and later work also began with the deputies,” he said.

In addition, he stated that with the National Renewal (RN) senators ), he would have reached agreements by nowon an agenda of topics and you want to set a date to reconvene all the political forces to this work table to close an agreement that can enter Congress with the guarantee of a good fate. “Because it is one thing to reach an agreement, but then you have to comply with the agreement and that is what matters. What the citizens want is for us to reach an agreement and then act accordingly,” added Minister Tohá.

The Chilean government will reactivate the working group with the opposition to face the crisis of insecurity and violence

Senate of Chile

At a press point, the head of the Interior was consulted about a series of violent events in Chile in recent days, especially. “We have the greatest sense of urgency, we are very sorry for this delay that was not at our will, but rather that of other actors, but we believe that we have time to recover this work and start it up,” he warned

La Moneda's pressure on the opposition to return to the security table intensified due to the acts of violence that have occurred in recent days in Chile. The death of the civil police commissioner (PDI), Daniel Valdés, after being shot three times as he was leaving his house and the information provided by a senator who warned of the arrival of a faction of the Salvadoran Maras gang.

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From the opposition, they warn that they are aware of the pressure that is being exerted against them, but they are not willing, they say, to sit in an instance “for the photo” and they hope that the government enters into Congress the projects and legislative emergencies on security issues that the country urgently needs.

Álvaro Elizalde, President of the Senate, made a call for dialogue “for the security of our country cannot be determined by the political cock between the Government and the opposition, or one political sector or another. It requires a sense of responsibility to advance legislative changes on the matter, “she said.

The spokeswoman for the Supreme Court of Chilean justice, Ángela Vivanco , stressed that “the issue of security cannot be left under the table due to political problems; solutions must be sought”, adding that “there is not a single Chilean today, regardless of their political color, beliefs and origin, who does not agree that there are truly pressing security problems”.

The Evópoli deputy, also from the opposition, Francisco Undurraga, emphasized the importance of advancing without concessions. “Security is a priority and that more than a security table, the minister has to send the bills to Congress and we, by the way, are going to be willing to legislate and give them the votes. If we want to continue delaying the issue and reach a pseudo-agreement at a previous table, that unfortunately could not be done, but let's give the bills that have to do with this majority process and urgency,” he stressed.

From one of the parties of the ruling party, the deputy of the Communist Party, Alejandra Placencia, asked that the right wing put aside the roosters (pulseadas) and “refocus on the main public concern, which is security,” he stressed.

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