The Chilean government began the procedures to request the extradition of Facundo Jones Huala to Argentina

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The Mapuche leader, detained in the province of Río Negro, has a pending sentence and has been a fugitive from Justice since February 11, 2022< /h2>

The Chilean government began the procedures to request the extradition of Facundo Jones Huala to Argentina


The Undersecretary of the Interior of Chile, Manuel Monsalve, confirmed this Monday that the government has already begun the procedures to request the extradition of Facundo Jones Huala< /b>, leader of the Mapuche movement who was arrested this Monday in the Argentine province of Río Negro, after almost a year as a fugitive from justice.

“Today during the course of the morning he was arrested Facundo Jones Huala in Argentina and as you know has a pending sentence in Chile, for which reason the procedures to request his extradition have already begun”, Monsalve said during a session in which the extension of the state was voted of Exception in the southern macrozone of the country.

The Minister of Security and Justice of the province of Río Negro, Betiana Minor, had warned that Jones Huala could be released if Chile did not request his extradition, because the ordinary crimes for which the activist would be accused do not require preventive detention. . “We have a short term of 24 hours for ordinary crimes but to sustain the detention we need Chile to request the extradition,” said the official, in dialogue with the website Río Negro.

The leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM), an Argentine citizen convicted of arson and illegal possession of weapons committed in 2013, was caught by members of the Río Negro Police in an operation carried out at 4:00 a.m. (7:00 GMT), while they were He was hiding in the barbecue area of ​​a house in the La Esperanza neighborhood, in El Bolsón.

The Chilean government began the procedures to request the extradition of Facundo Jones Huala to Argentina

He had been released from prison on January 21, 2022 after filing an amparo appeal with the Temuco Court of Appeals (southern Chile). But Chile had issued an arrest warrant, after the Supreme Court of that country ordered his return to prison for having revoked the probation that had been granted to him in order to serve his sentence, which expired in 2024.

< p class="paragraph">The Río Negro Police had been looking for him for several months due to the possibility that he had moved to Argentine Patagonia to take refuge.

The leader of the RAM is now in custody, official sources reported, while “working in coordination with the Federal Justice and with the Ordinary Justice regarding the procedural steps to follow.”

Jones Huala has an Interpol “blue alert” in effect, aimed at obtaining more information about a person's identity, whereabouts or criminal activities in connection to a criminal investigation, he reminded himself.

The Federal Court of Bariloche (Río Negro) maintains communications with the Chilean Court that issued the alert, to inform if it will become a “red alert” to enable international capture and the corresponding extradition request, reported the provincial government.

The events for which Jones Huala was sentenced to nine years in prison date back to January 2013, when he and a group of armed hooded men entered the Pisu ranch Pisué, in Chile, reduced the family in charge of his care and surveillance and, later, set fire to the property.

Months after this act and after several extradition requests between Chile and Argentina, Jones Huala escaped to his native country, where he remained a fugitive for four years, and was convicted in December 2018 by the Oral Criminal Court of Valdivia.

“Notwithstanding this, in the framework of a provincial case he could be accused of different charges “, the Río Negro government clarified after the arrest of this monday.

(With information from EFE)

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