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The children's protector deplores a lack of mental health support for young people

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The protector children and youth in Manitoba, Sherry Gott.


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Manitoba Child and Youth Advocate Sherry Gott believes the fatal attack on an Indigenous teenager in 14 demonstrates that the province's youth are facing a mental health “crisis.”

Winnipeg police say a 17-year-old boy has been charged with second-degree murder in the teen's death.

It's a very sad and complicated situation because it affects the entire community, deplores Ms. Gott.

That's very young to die such a violent death.

A quote from Sherry Gott, Manitoba Child and Youth Advocate

The Children's Advocate confirms that her office has received a death notice in connection with the young victim.

She adds that her office will examine whether the latter had access to education or mental health services, and whether she went through the child welfare system.

Loading“The situation is serious,” says the Inter-Union Common Front to the Legault government

ELSELL ON INFO : “The situation is serious”, says the Inter-union Common Front to the Legault government

According to Sherry Gott, this clarification helps her office understand how these services can be improved. “There is a mental health crisis in Manitoba, especially for young people, who need support,” she says.

Sherry Gott adds that children and adolescents need more support after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three years is a long time in people's lives, especially for young people, she said. They were isolated at home and have to relearn all their social skills.

Social worker and community activist Mitch Bourbonnière agrees with the child protector and young people. According to him, the pandemic has had a profound impact on the mental health of young people.

I think we find ourselves in a post-social situation. -traumatic characterized by depression, anxiety and conflict, he says.

He adds that the death of the teenager affects the community. Some of the young people he works with know the victim and are experiencing confusion and pain.

There is a lot of misery at the moment, unfortunately.

A quote from Mitch Bourbonnière, social worker and community activist

Mitch Bourbonnière works with the Compassion Network in the Saint-Boniface neighborhood, a group of organizations in Winnipeg that promote safe places for people aged 12 to 29.

According to him, in recent years, the popularization of wraparound services and sponsorship services constitutes an “evolution” in the social work environment.

Everyone should have someone on their side. Everyone should have a mentor or guide, he says.

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Mitch Bourbonnière confirms that the death of the teenager affects the community. (File photo)

The executive director of the faith-based community group Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA), Kent Dueck, says the creation of relationships is an important step in helping young people cope with trauma.

He explains that ICYA strives to build relationships to help young people grow and flourish. The organization also offers a drop-in center in the North End neighborhood of Winnipeg.

Several of us have interpersonal networks and we don't realize how much we depend on them, says Mr. Dueck.

He believes that supportive relationships can help people “in their healing.” He adds that having someone who listens can give an important sense of validation to children who are in traumatic family situations.

For many of our young people, there is no one who listens to them, he emphasizes.

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