The children gave Bameso the final push

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  • The children gave Bameso the final push

    Mr. Augusto Castro and former player and engineer Renzo Vargas, directors of Club Bameso, together with editors Marcos Nivar and Freddy Tapia at the Café Deportivo de LISTÍN DIARIO./Víctor Ramírez

When the goal of winning the first championship title in ten years moved away from Bameso, its players received an unexpected push from the club's mini-basketball team minutes before going out on the court to play Mauricio Báez on fourth game of the final series of the Superior Basketball Tournament of the National District. 

The children, dressed in the traditional green uniform of the representative of the Barrio Mejoramiento Social, visited them in the dressing room of the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto. 

Once there,  Jamel Aquino, a slight ten-year-old point guard, approached coach Yoel  Happy to ask you to allow him to speak to the players. 

“I want to say something. We know it's difficult, but you have to win for our neighborhood, for us”, Aquino told them at a time when the Mauritians led the final 2-1.

“You are superheroes for us and we know you are going to win, but no matter what happens, I want you to know that you are our family” to then lead a parade to greet Víctor Liz, Miguel Dicent, Fausto Pichardo, Edward Santana, Trashon Burrell and other supporting actors who listened attentively without speaking. 

They did it on the field, where they overwhelmed the Mauritians 82-64, equaling two the series agreed to the best in seven games. 

“ change the series”, emphasizes José; Augusto Castro, influential director of Bameso in the Café Deportivo de LISTÍN DIARIO, in which he was accompanied by former player Renzo Vargas, president of the Basketball Commission of the sports entity. 

“It was very emotional,” Vargas.

The next Bameso meeting followed with the push, he prevailed 90-83 and placed & gué; less than a meter from glory, but in the sixth match, Mauricio won; and extended the final to the maximum after triumphing 82-70. 

The Bamesians recovered and came out with all the determination and triumphed 81-66 to reissue the champion trophy that they had won in the 2011 and 2012 editions. 

Castro considers that the children's motivation was one of the reasons that led to the club being crowned champion.  

He cites as a second factor, the words of encouragement that he received in the stands. of Vargas when Bameso qualified. for the last leg of the tournament, but the economic situation was against the team. 

“Calm down…we are going to take pa lante”, recalls the producer of the specialized radio program “Cancha Entera”.   

A special flavor

This third Bames title has been very comforting, as they not only won it over the favourite, but also against Julio César Javier (Ayata), who had a tacit agreement as team coach, but without no explanation left him. in the air. 

Does this title have a special flavor? succinctly and directly to José. Augusto Castro, who with all sincerity answered: with a “yes”.

Castro clarified that it is not about anything personal, but about the one thrown by a tough competition against the only club that has a defined basketball project in the country.  

Vargas added that an intangible that served The motivation for Bameso was the reaction of some Mauricio Báez players, who after winning the first game of the series with a blackboard  88-80, hinted that they would sweep the series in four games.

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