The 'Chiclayanos': the group close to President Castillo that “managed” the Ministry of Housing

The 'Chiclayanos': the group close to President Castillo that “managed” the Ministry of Housing

According to the testimony of an effective collaborator, the group made up of businessmen Abel Cabrera and Alejandro Sánchez, and the detained mayor of Anguía, José Medina, decided on tenders and placed officials in the sector, such as Minister Geiner Alvarado

  • All the reasons why the prosecution accused Pedro Castillo's family circle as an alleged criminal network
  • Geiner Alvarado, the minister investigated by the prosecution and accused as “lieutenant” of an alleged criminal network

The ‘Chiclayans’: the group close to President Castillo who “managed” the Ministry of Housing

Businessmen Abel Cabrera and Alejandro Sánchez, as well as the mayor of Anguía, José Medina they are accused of belonging to the group called 'Los Chiclayanos'. Composition: GEC

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The resolution of the National Prosecutor's Office, on the preliminary investigation of President Pedro Castillo for an alleged criminal organization in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, includes the testimony of an effective collaborator of the Public Ministry who mentions the 'chiclayanos', a group of three people close to the president who placed officials and “handled” tenders in the sector.

“[…] President Pedro Castillo had decided to distribute functions so that his trusted people, his family and other people who supported the government take over control. […] Within that power of command is Abel Cabrera Fernández at the same level as Alejandro Sánchez and José Nenil [Medina], all those people who occupy that power of coordination are known as the 'Chiclayanos'”, he declared the collaborator on the group close to the president, as indicated in the tax resolution.

“They are the ones who manage the Ministry of Housing […] everything under the [command] of the president, nobody does anything if the president He does not know [,] the modus operandi that Pedro Castillo works with each minister or high-level public official is the money given to the ministers […]”, the testimony points out.

The 'chiclayanos' are the businessmen Abel Cabrera Fernández and Alejandro Sánchez (owner of the Sarratea passage house, where Castillo held meetings) and the mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina Guerrero.

The mayor and 'friend'

Currently, Medina is in preventive detention for 10 days for the investigation of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power into an alleged criminal network that President Castillo would lead. According to Bruno Pacheco, the mayor of Anguía, the president's homeland, would be the president's “cashier”. Between August and December 2021, Castillo and Medina met nine times.

In the disposition of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation, the collaborator mentions the Medina's role: “Mr. José Nenil was one of those trusted people and a friend of Pedro Castillo, in addition to having supported the [2021 electoral] campaign, that gave him the right; For President Castillo, Mr. Nenil was a mayor, he had money, he was a professional and for those reasons they gave him this function, as well as taking charge of coordinating with officials of the Minister of Housing [Geiner Alvarado], all those distributions were They hit Breña, at Sarratea's house […]”.

According to the Public Ministry, the president would have included, within the Emergency Decree 102-2021, of October 19, 2021, projects developed in Anguía.

The owner of Sarratea

Alejandro Sánchez, a native of Anguía, owns the house in Passage Sarratea, in Breña, which Castillo frequented and held meetings. According to the collaborator's testimony, Sánchez coordinated the direction of public tenders managed by Housing with Minister Geiner Alvarado, when he was head of the sector, and with Salatiel Marrufo, who was his head of the Cabinet of Advisors.

“In the case of Alejandro Sánchez, he coordinates directly with the Minister of Housing Heiner [Geiner Alvarado] and with Mr. Salatiel Marrufo Alcántara, until now head of the advisory cabinet, because he asked Pedro Castillo to put them, appointed them in those ministries, with that power Alejandro Sánchez directed the hiring processes and for having appointed them, Mr. Alejandro Sánchez told Salatiel and Heiner to place people in the ministry.”

Minister Alvarado, also investigated by the National Prosecutor's Office, was in charge of the Housing sector from July 28, when Castillo assumed the presidency, until Friday, August 5, when he was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Salatiel Marrufo, before being head of Alvarado's Cabinet of Housing Advisors, was an advisor to Mayor Medina in Anguía, as revealed by El Comercio.

The collaborator declared that he is a friend of Alejandro Sánchez, Abel Cabrera and Fray Vásquez Castillo, nephew of the president who is a fugitive. “I must specify that Salatiel Marrufo is the one who proposed Heiner [Geiner] Alvarado to occupy the position of Minister of Housing before Alejandro Sánchez, Fray Vásquez [nephew of the president who is a fugitive] and Abel Cabrera, so that they speak with Pedro Castillo and name as Minister of Housing, for being from Chiclayo like him […] with the purpose of winning all the tenders that are in the Ministry of Housing. […]”.

The role of Abel Cabrera

The informer cited in the disposition of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation also describes the role of Abel Cabrera, a businessman from Chota but who lives in Chiclayo: “He had the power to coordinate and order both Minister Heider [Geiner Alvarado] and Salatiel Marrufo to ask them to grant budgets to the mayors of several provinces to carry out public works through the mayors with the Ministry of Housing.”

Chiclayans have visited the presidential residence. On September 15, 2021, Mayor Medina registered an entry through the back door of the Government Palace (the so-called door 6), which leads to the presidential residence. That time he entered accompanied by Abel Cabrera and Alejandro Sánchez. As reported by El Comercio, the entry of the three characters was aboard a car that is in the name of the mayor's brother, Javier Medina.


Businessman Alejandro Sánchez rejected the version of the effective collaborator. “I strongly deny these accusations and will not release any further information about this case to the press. The only ones indicated to investigate are the prosecution, which I am ready to collaborate with if they request it,” he told this newspaper.

Meanwhile, Abel Cabrera, also a businessman, questioned the testimony collected by the National Prosecutor's Office regarding the fact that he had allegedly coordinated the management of the budget of the Ministry of Housing together with Alvarado.

“I totally reject these accusations against me, so I am ready to collaborate with the justice system to clarify these accusations and defend my innocence,” he told El Comercio.