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The annual remuneration of the agency's big boss will be a little more than $652,000 for the first two years of his mandate.

 The CEO of Santé Québec will earn even more than expected

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Minister Christian Dubé declared last year that he wanted to recruit “top guns” from the private sector to run Santé Québec. (Archive photo)

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We now know how much the first president and CEO of Santé Québec, the state corporation called to take charge of the operations of the public network, will earn.< /p>

The basic annual salary granted to the future leader will be $567,000, mentions the ministerial decree published in the Official Gazette< /em> from Wednesday.

The future president will also receive additional compensation of 15% for each of the first two years of his mandate, we continue, which should increase his salary to 652,050 dollars for 2024-2025 and 2025-2026.

Thus, the big boss of Santé Québec, once appointed, will become one of the highest paid state company executives in the province. His remuneration will be even higher than what had been envisaged, as revealed by Radio-Canada last week.

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The decree published Wednesday specifies other aspects of the conditions which will be offered to the candidate chosen by the minister Christian Dubé, who declared in 2023 that he wanted to recruit top gunsfrom the private sector to lead Santé Québec.

The first president of the agency, for example, will benefit from a car allowance, x27;a housing allowance and will be eligible for a departure allowance. He will also benefit from six weeks of vacation per year.

The Rules concerning the remuneration and other working conditions of the President and CEO of Santé Québec are made public at the same time as the call for applications is launched.

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The job offer, published Wednesday on the website of the Secretariat for Higher Employment, specifies in particular that it is a renewable five-year mandate. Interested people will have until March 1 to apply.

The publication of this call for applications, accompanied by another for recruiting the rest of the board of directors, follows the formation of the transition committee. The creation of Santé Québec resulted from the adoption of Bill 15 in December. The start of the workforce transfer is planned for spring.

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