The Central Bank registered the issue of 2nd series bonds of Micro Capital Russia LLC From IFX

The Bank of Russia registered the issue of bonds of Micro Capital Russia LLC of the 2nd series, according to the materials of the regulator .

The issue has been assigned registration number 4-01-00667-R.

The issue will be intended for qualified investors and will be placed on private subscription.

The company has not entered the public debt market before.

Micro Capital Russia LLC is a Russian subsidiary “of the international holding Mikro Kapital Group, whose companies provide financing services to small and medium-sized businesses in 14 countries: Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Hong Kong.

Group PPU includes the carsharing projects Anytime Prime and Delimobil.


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