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The CCP denies harming an agreement with Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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Kyle Seeback, the Conservative critic for international trade, sharply criticized the Liberals in the House.

The Canadian Press

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Federal Conservative MPs defended their decision on Tuesday to vote against a bill concerning an update to the trade agreement between Canada and the ;Ukraine, arguing that they have every right to object to certain parts of the agreement and reminding that their choice will not cause any harm to this war-torn nation.

Conservative MPs put forward their arguments, while Liberals continued to argue that the Conservatives' position demonstrated the end of their support for Ukraine. Two national Ukrainian-Canadian organizations also expressed their disappointment.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre insisted his party's decision to vote against the government's bill was linked to the wording of the agreement, which states that the two countries will promote carbon pricing. /p>

He clarified that his deputies did not reject the idea of ​​modernizing the agreement with Ukraine, which has been struggling since 2022 against the Russian invasion.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet said the Conservatives were following in the footsteps of some American Republicans, who have shown less willingness to support the war effort in Ukraine.

War in Ukraine

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The acrimony continued Tuesday when MPs on the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade conducted a clause-by-clause study of the bill.

Conservatives have taken turns trying to get the bill amended to give Ukraine better access to arms and weapons exports. nuclear equipment.

These attempts were, however, rejected by the committee chairman. When the Conservatives called for recorded votes, Liberal and NDP MPs objected.

The Conservative spokesperson on international trade, Kyle Seeback, argued that it was shameful that the Liberals linked the party's position on this bill to its desire to support Ukraine.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Conservative dissent has done nothing to hinder the bill's progress, he added. A majority of committee members voted Tuesday to approve the bill and send it back to the House of Commons, although the Conservatives once again voted against it.

Guess what? The project just got out of committee, Mr. Seeback noted. This does not cause any harm. We can oppose bad legislation. We can oppose the ideological obsessions with carbon taxes and the misery [that the Liberals] have imposed on Canadians.

Canadian officials have clarified that the carbon pricing provisions in the agreement, which Ukraine's president signed during his visit to Ottawa in September, were not legally binding.

Ukraine already implemented carbon pricing more than a decade ago, and its ambassador is calling on Canada to adopt the bill.

The national president of the Ukrainian Congress of Canada, Alexandra Chyczij, hopes that the Conservatives will reconsider their position.

Canada's Ukrainian Congress was disappointed that the official opposition voted unanimously against legislation that would update the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, it wrote in a statement. We ask the official opposition to review this position before third reading.

On Tuesday, the organization turned to social media to encourage Canadians to contact their MPs to vote in favor of the bill.

We need your help to ensure that the modernization of the free trade agreement is unanimously adopted by the House, she said.

The president of the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, Zenon Potichny, told The Canadian Press on Tuesday that he too hopes that the Conservatives will review their position, so that Parliament can approve the bill. updated agreement with unanimous support.

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