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The catch-up plan «is working», assures Drainville

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With supporting figures, Minister Drainville affirms that hundreds of thousands of Quebec students will be able to benefit of its catch-up plan.

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The Minister of ;Quebec Education, Bernard Drainville, welcomed Tuesday the reception given by the educational community to the catch-up plan launched last month to “compensate” for the weeks of teaching lost in 2023 due to strikes observed by unions.

With supporting figures, Mr. Drainville notably announced that additional tutoring services will be offered to some 145,000 students in more than 2,500 schools by the end of the school year. Not to mention the 120,000 young people who could already count on such support, and who will be able to continue to benefit from it.

By combining all the activities that will make up for lost time, several hundred thousand students will benefit from the measures of the $300 million catch-up plan unveiled at the start of the school year, on January 9, and who was to be implemented from last week.

The plan is working, the minister said in a press scrum on Tuesday after -noon, at the National Assembly. It's off to a great start.

Mr. Drainville was also satisfied with the number of teachers who finally volunteered to work paid overtime, including the Fédération québécoise des directions d'establishment d'education ( FQDE) was concerned two weeks ago.

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More than 23,000 stakeholders raised their hands to offer additional tutoring services, including 18,856 teachers, he mentioned, as an example.

There is participation in all school service centers, assured Minister Drainville. Is it good? I think it's good, but it will be up to you [the journalists] to judge, he added.

Asked specifically about the number of teachers who have volunteered to offer services as part of his catch-up plan and the number of students who will be able to benefit from them, Mr. Drainville admitted not being able to provide such totals at this time. However, he mentioned 500,000 interventions.

More details will follow.

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