The Catalan does not breathe. The situation in his hometown seems to be becoming untenable from all sides.

The Catalan does not breathe. The situation in his hometown seems to be becoming untenable from all sides.

Gerard Piqué does not have a good time.

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The Spanish soccer player has been the victim of harsh accusations due to his intricate process of separation with Shakira from Barranquilla.

Because of this situation, he has suffered real pain in the few moments in which he has been on the court with Barcelona.

Precisely, on this situation, the newspaper 'Sport' has revealed a telling conversation between Piqué and his coach, former soccer player Xavi Hernández.

The result, at first glance, would be the departure of the defender from Spain.

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Piqué, with the exit door

The Catalan is not breathing. The situation in his hometown seems to become unsustainable from all sides .

According to a publication in the newspaper 'Sport', in Barcelona's recent Champions League match against Bayern Munich there was a strong scuffle between Gerard Piqué and Xavi Hernández.
< br>“I don't even play petanque”, the defender would have said, given his low participation this season.

After that statement, 'Sport' reveals, Hernández would have responded: “And even less so you're going to do”.

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Ante the impact of its publication, the newspaper strangely deleted that part of the article in reference.

However, that anecdote seems to be in line with the idea that Piqué would leave Barcelona, expressed already by other means.

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Will Piqué leave Barcelona?

The Catalan does not breathe. The situation in his hometown seems to be becoming unsustainable on all sides.

As Helena Condis, sports journalist for 'Cope', said a few days ago, Piqué's situation in Barcelona is getting worse and worser.

The toughest situation is not being experienced by the sports, but for his personal life.

“Piqué is sick and tired of the paparazzi. This Friday, he even told an important person in the club that he is considering leaving Spain, because he couldn't take these persecutions and interferences in his private life anymore,” commented the reporter in the framework of one of the last Barcelona games.

Now, the situation would take another flight, according to the 'paparazzi' Jordi Martin, who has permanently followed the separation of the couple.

“I know from sources inside the club that the defender communicated his desire to leave the board last weekend”, revealed the reporter.

According He said the player's decision could serve to reach Inter Miami, owned by David Beckham, and be close to Shakira and their children.

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