Chief Freelance Cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Denis Yazikov spoke about methods to protect yourself from heart disease. According to the expert, the real age of vascular accidents is now being celebrated in the world. “A cardiologist told about methods to protect yourself from heart disease” />

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According to statistics, a huge number of diseases of the heart and blood vessels are now recorded all over the world. In Russia alone, there are about 580 deaths per 100,000 people annually. Mortality from this kind of ailments and the conditions caused by them exceeds the rates of cancer patients. Cardiologist Denis Yazikov assures that in order to avoid vascular accidents, it is necessary not only to monitor your health by regularly undergoing medical examinations. It is important to follow certain rules to support the “motor” of the body.

If a person feels a deterioration in health, it is imperative to go to the hospital to establish the exact causes of discomfort. If the doctor attributed the intake of certain therapeutic agents, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the physician. If a patient requires hospitalization, one should not refuse such a step, in this case, the social responsibility of a person is important.

Even if the patient feels a certain improvement, the treatment course must be completed. The cardiologist warns that both ignoring the problem and self-medication can only aggravate the situation, causing complications. Evidence-based medicine is always better than traditional medicine, as it has all the evidence of its effectiveness, as well as many drugs and algorithms for their use at different stages of the disease.

Also, it will not be superfluous, especially for people prone to vascular diseases, all the symptoms likely exacerbations. Among them, doctors distinguish reduced libido, deterioration in performance, the appearance of shortness of breath, insomnia and, at the same time, drowsiness. Having found such manifestations in yourself, you should immediately go to the doctor for advice. On the territory of many regions of Russia, arterial hypertension, hypertension and chronic heart failure are most often noted. Timely measures taken will help not only improve the condition of patients, but also save lives. In addition to specialized care, unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided without avoiding moderate physical activity.



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