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w4 ZM The Canadian runs to loss against the Canucks - The Times Hub

The Canadian runs to loss against the Canucks

The Canadian runs to loss against the Canucks

After seeing his troops spend more than 12 minutes in the dungeon on Monday in Edmonton, Claude Julien had expressed the wish to see them show a little more discipline. It seems the message has not been heard.

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Last night, at Rogers Place in Vancouver, the Canadian received six penalties. The Canucks took the opportunity to score on three occasions, en route to a 6-5 win.

In this game that did not want to end, but how exciting, Bo Horvat, bypassing Carey Price between the pads, scored the goal that would make the difference in the shootout.

Julien’s men had to limit themselves to one classification point. However, they have shown that they have great strength of character. Four times in the game, they came from behind.

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A stupid gesture

The Habs were far from playing their best game. However, he would have given himself a better chance of winning if he hadn’t taken so many penalties. Of the number, that of Jesperi Kotkaniemi, driven out for unsportsmanlike conduct after having shouted at one of the referees, is undoubtedly the one that irritated the Habs coach the most.

“It was really something stupid to do, for a young player. It probably cost us the victory. I’m sure I’ll learn a lesson from it, ”Kotkaniemi said sheepishly at the end of the meeting.

Although he took the blame for the setback, the Finn recovered by scoring the Canadian’s fourth goal. The visitors thus made up a loss of one goal for the fourth time in the game.

But it is not only in terms of visits to the punishment bench that Montrealers have sinned through indiscipline. Too often during the meeting, they have offered surplus numbers to the Canucks forwards. Sometimes it was the result of a misreading of the game on the part of a rear, other times it was that of a too deep push by a defender into enemy territory.

This setback overshadowed Tyler Toffoli’s brilliant evening at work. The 28-year-old forward, who had done everything except scoring since the start of the season, hit the target three times, recording the second hat trick of his career.

Too bad he could not continue this momentum during the shootout. He had beaten Holtby on his left, but the puck hit the post.

Carey Price, visiting his corner of the country, gave in five times on 28 shots. The first goal of Bo Horvat, who thwarted him under the right arm, and that of Tyler Motte, registered between the pads, probably did not please him. In 20 outings against the Canucks, goaltender Anahim Lake has suffered just six losses, including four in a tiebreaker.

The two teams will cross swords again Thursday night.


Suzuki, the backbone of the massive attack

Nick Suzuki served quite an assist on Tyler Toffoli’s second goal of the night. The latter only had to drop his stick on the ice to redirect the puck behind Braden Holtby. It was Suzuki’s fourth point this season, all four (1 goal, 3 assists) having been collected in power play.

When the numerical inferiority cracks

Against the Oilers, the Canadiens players had been perfect in 10 numerical inferiorities. They had even pushed the audacity to score two goals when they were short of a man. The Canucks quickly brought them back to earth by scoring on their first power play.

Shoulder shots

Including this one, the Canadiens will face the Canucks five times in seven games. With so many confrontations in two weeks, we could witness the birth of a rivalry. Already yesterday, some gave themselves to their heart’s content in the shoulder thrusts. Ben Chiarot (5), from the Habs, and Tyler Motte (9), from the Canucks, were not shy.

Rare generosity

When he was wearing the colors of the Washington Capitals, Braden Holtby showed a lot of greed in his net. In 20 games, he was 14-2-3, a 1.81 goals-against average and a .939 save rate. Day and night compared to yesterday.


Horvat gives victory to his people in the 4e round.


5:00 | End of period

0:00 | Start of period

3e period

20:00 | End of period – We’re going into overtime! The shots on goal are 30-28 in favor of the Canadian.

16:51 | VANCOUVER GOALA crazy match! Brock Boeser is opportunistic and tied the score less than a minute after Toffoli’s goal.

16:19 | GOAL MONTREALTyler Toffoli, who else? He completed the hat trick and gave CH ahead for the first time in the game.

10:14 | GOAL MONTREALJesperi Kotkaniemi redeems himself for his expensive penalty in 2e period by tying the mark. His first of the season is a very important one. The CH comes back for the 4e time of the meeting

3:24 | VANCOUVER GOAL Bo Horvat scores his second of the game on the power play, a third under similar circumstances for the Canucks, who regain the lead.

2:06 | PENALTYJosh Anderson clears the puck … which ends up in the stands. Power play for Vancouver.

0:00 | Start of period

2e period

20:00 | End of period – 3 goals on each side. The Canucks shot Price 20 times, one more than the Canadiens shot Holtby.

18:25 | GOAL MONTREAL – Tomas Tatar serves a whole cross pass to Brendan Gallagher, who pushes the puck behind Holtby. This is his first of the campaign.

15:02 | PENALTY The CH is STILL punished. Brett Kulak has retained Jay Beagle. A fifth minor penalty in the game for Montreal.

11:13 | VANCOUVER GOALBrock Boeser joins the offensive festival. A second on the power play tonight for the Canucks, who take the lead.

9:52 | PENALTY – Another penalty for the Canadian. This time it is KK who is punished for unsportsmanlike conduct.

5:27 | GOAL MONTREALOn the power play, a skilful pass from Suzuki in front of the net allowed Toffoli to register his second of the game. It brings everyone back to square one.

4:50 | PENALTY Antoine Roussel receives a two-minute penalty for obstruction. The CH will benefit from a numerical advantage.

4:25 | VANCOUVER GOALTyler Motte wastes no time and gives his family back the lead.

1:37 | GOAL MONTREAL Tyler Toffoli scores his first goal in the CH uniform with a precise shot. Kotkaniemi gets an assist. Equality is created.

0:00 | Start of period

1re period

20:00 | End of period. 1-0 Vancouver. The Canucks lead in shots on goal, 12-7.

17:06 | PENALTY The CH plays with fire. Josh Anderson is punished for having roughed up Quinn Hughes in front of the opposing net. A third minor penalty in a row in 1re period for the Habs.

11:07 | VANCOUVER GOAL – Bo Horvat shoots a reception in the enclave. The shot escapes Price, who would certainly like to see it again. It’s a first power play goal this season for the Canucks. JT Miller and Quinn Hughes are accomplices.

10:44 | PENALTY It was Ben Chiarot’s turn to receive a penalty. He retained Elias Pettersson.

2:45 | GOAL REFUSEDEdler takes a shot from the blue line and Sutter deflects the puck behind Carey Price. His staff, however, was higher than permitted.

0:18 | PENALTYTomas Tatar hooks Tyler Myers and finds himself in the dungeon from the first moments of the match. However, it is the CH that has the best chances to score, even on the numerical side.

0:00 | Start of the meeting

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