The Canadian Parliament resumes its activities on Monday

The Canadian Parliament resumes its activities on Monday

(Ottawa) MPs will return to the House of Commons on Monday after a month-long hiatus that was not easy for the main federal parties.

One of the first items on MPs’ agendas will be determining how Parliament will continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, they will have to decide whether to adopt a new application for parliamentarians who attend meetings remotely.

The government is also set to introduce legislation to prevent people who have taken non-essential travel outside the country from not receiving federal assistance of up to $ 1,000 during their quarantine of two. weeks.

But the slowness of vaccination campaigns and the imminent delay in the delivery of Pfizer vaccines should receive more attention from elected officials. The opposition parties will want answers from the government and will seek to put the blame on it.

The government should also expect to have to answer questions about the resignation of Governor General Julie Payette. Elected officials will want to know how the Queen’s next representative will be appointed and the reasons that prompted the government to appoint her to this post.

For their part, the Tories will want to turn the page after former leadership candidate Derek Sloan is expelled from caucus, hoping the move will stop the Liberals from trying to link them to far-right groups that have taken over. assault on January 6 the US Capitol.

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